2020 Customer Journey Predictions

Three predictions that will impact the customer journey in the next year

Facts about 10% customers feel their expectations are being metThe art and science of customer journey orchestration has evolved over the past decade. The new year and new decade ahead promise to bring even more changes. Why should you care about these changes? Simple. The customer journey matters because the customer experience matters. In a world where customers are more than happy to leave a brand after one bad experience, delivering a great customer experience is table stakes. Despite this, only 10% of consumers believe their customer experience expectations are being met. To help you meet customer expectations in the new year, we’re sharing these three important changes coming to the customer journey space in 2020. 


1. Brands Will Move from CX Measurement to Journey Measurement

customer journey measurement will replace cx measurement in 2020We predict that in 2020, brands are going to put less effort into measuring traditional customer experience metrics. While it may be surprising that brands will measure less when customer experience matters more than ever, these brands will not simply abandon listening and analytics. Instead, more than ever they will opt to measure and manage customer journeys. Rather than indirectly measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty with indirect metrics like time on site and NPS, brands will begin to measure the metrics that matter to their customers. This requires adopting new frameworks for data and analytics. These new frameworks will look at less inferential data, and focus on the customer context. 

To get a head start on this process, consider building out a journey step framework- one of the most powerful ways to visualize, analyze, and understand the customer journey at your business. With these frameworks in place, brands will begin to listen across key touchpoints in the customer journey.


2. Personalization Opportunities will Grow Alongside New Channels 

Augmented reality will become one of many new channels we predict for 2020The next 2020 prediction is a continuation of a trend that we saw in our 2019 data that shows no sign of slowing down. New channels like chat, voice assistants, advanced AR tools, and AI-powered experiences will continue to gain momentum and provide more opportunity to tailor customer experiences. This proliferation of channels is the dawn of a previously impossible level of sophistication for personalization and curated experiences. With Eighty percent of consumers saying that technology should add value to brand interactions, brands must take note. With voice and AI assistants in more and more households, the potential for brands to customize experiences directly in the home has continued to grow. 

To take advantage of this prediction for 2020, brands must have the ability to measure and optimize through every channel. This means applying a journey management approach that unifies decisions and best next action across those channels in real-time. If you’re interested in learning how 


3. The Importance of the Human Touch Will Expand Even as AI Technology Grows

In 2020, businesses will come against the silicon ceiling of what AI can accomplish. While Gartner predicts that 15% of all customer service interactions will be handled by an AI by 2021, there are serious limits to what an AI can do for customer service. In 2020, consumers will see a return to human-to-human interactions and increased adoption of real-time monitoring and decisioning where AI fails. Despite the power of artificial intelligence, it can make mistakes. When a person makes a mistake, often that person can realize a mistake is made and fix it before something worse goes wrong. In regulated industries, for example, a human can determine that a product has been wrongly matched with a customer. An AI doing the matching with a broken rule could cause a hefty fine for the business. 

None of this is to say that AI and machine learning won’t continue to develop in importance. To prepare yourself for 2020 and beyond, you’ll need to think differently about the role of human agents. Human experiences should be augmented by AI, and informed by real-time information from customer profiles. Artificial intelligence and the human touch will both grow more powerful in 2020, driven by greater cooperation between the two in all parts of business.


Customer Journeys Will Continue To Dominate

The past year has seen huge changes in the customer journey, as new channels continue to emerge, brands realize the limitations of AI, and as the shift from CX measurement to journey measurement enters full swing. The next year is full of opportunities to improve your brand and create truly great customer experiences. If you’re interested in advancing the customer journey in 2020, our guide to the Fundamentals of Journey Management is a great place to start. Inside you’ll see the core use cases that will define customer journeys in 2020 and beyond.