Product Updates — Winter 2016

While we’re right in the thick of the holiday season, around the Kitewheel offices, we’re thinking hard about 2017. What will the new year bring for your customer journey implementation? What Kitewheel product updates will help you make this your strongest year ever? Further, we’re listening to the projects you’re planning for 2017. To help, our latest update delivers powerful and easy-to-use adaptive decisioning options, new default metrics, testing and monitoring enhancements and more. Now’s the time to lay the groundwork by checking out Kitewheel’s latest tools that aim to help speed up your testing cycles.

Adaptive Decisioning Split Tests

adaptive decisioning

First, Adaptive Split Tests let you define a set of variants (like different content, subject lines, channels, etc.) and test, using built-in tools, which is the best performing. In addition, the “adaptive” option means the system will can automatically pick a winner and use it to optimize your graph’s performance. The image shows how Adaptive Decisioning appears in the Kitewheel Customer Journey Hub.

Twitter Media Links

Second, you can now add photos and videos to your tweets! Increase your engagement on Twitter with up to four rich media attachments per tweet from any valid URL.

Execution Metrics

Want to know how many times your process ran? How many customer interactions you’ve captured? Third, we will now automatically create metrics for every graph to track graph execution. Metrics can also be combined and compounded to measure conversion or error rates faster and simpler.

Operational Improvements

Finally, whether you’re monitoring or alerting, test individual notes, consoling UI tweaks, color-coding transaction paths, we hear you. Testing and managing these complex projects is also now faster, easier and more reliable. 

We hope that these Kitewheel product updates help your team prepare for a 2017 filled with journey orchestration and improved CX! We’d also love to start a conversation with your team about integrating Kitewheel with your current system to enable these capabilities.

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