Get More Value From Your Automotive Customer Journeys

Learn from how other automotive brands have maximized the value of their customer experiences from online, to the lot, to post purchase and beyond.


Personalize online interactions to drive conversion and engagement.

  • A customer follows ad online for a new car – Model A
  • That customer identifies a different model of car (Model B) that they prefer
  • That customer builds a customized model, including color, and extra features
  • The system remembers choices, source and customer preferences
  • The customer leaves the website, and two days later sees an ad for their customized car
  • That customer schedules a visit with a dealer that has their perfect car


Following up after dealer visit to retain interest.

  • The customer visits a dealer, talks with a salesperson, who enters their information into the system
  • Automatically, Facebook, and Google Ads update to target them
  • When they are close by but stationary, push notifications to their phone
  • Customized website visits are based on customer preferences
  • Connect that customer with lenders to entice them with auto-loan offers
  • The customer never forgets the dealer visit, and returns for purchase


Inform customers to add value.

  • First time car buyer visits the website with many questions
  • The website automatically records information on their browsing and identifies a less experienced driver
  • The program updates ads, email campaigns, and website to best answer common new driver questions
  • Your system remembers the driver’s experience through time, offering advice as they get older and more experienced
  • You can target new vehicles depending on life events
  • The customer becomes a lifelong brand buyer

Kitewheel brings real-time capabilities to the market technology that brands already have in place.

With our customer journey hub you can harmonize every step of the journey, tracking behavior and activity over time to deliver the best next content, action and recommendation across any channel.

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