Automation is Saving Marketing and CX

Many marketers have opined that automation is antithetical to personalized marketing and customer experiences. They claim that automation is ruining great marketing, however, this is not the case. It isn’t automation that hurts CX, but rather failing to think about automation in the context of a customer journey. When companies start automating personalization they are able to deliver more value, not less. But only if brands deliver that personalized experience effectively. How can we accomplish that? Through carefully orchestrated marketing and CX omnichannel journeys.

How and Why Automation is Ruining Marketing

Mark Smith shares one way automation can ruin marketingHere at Kitewheel, our President Mark Smith is fond of saying how “the only thing worse than not automating, is automating the wrong thing.” Poorly designed and integrated automation is affecting marketing success. But there is an important distinction. Poorly designed and integrated automation fails. Because marketers and agencies aren’t automating the right things, they frustrate customers. Not only that. Businesses don’t see the full value from their investments in automation.

Management and business requirements pressure marketers to put out as much content as quickly as possible. Many times, this leads to mismatched or impersonal automated responses The truth is that even otherwise top-notch brands sometimes get caught up in this issue They want to automate the simple things – like sign up emails, customer onboarding, or ad retargeting.

Although marketers often get caught up in simply making a campaign or automation happen, they must focus more broadly on how that automation can deliver a personalized experience. This is the key issue: businesses are automating processes, not experiences.

Why Businesses Automate Badly

Marketers are limited in capacity to achieve YoY growth, and so we have turned to our next best solution, automated software. But that impact in investing in tech doesn’t necessarily mean success.

man worried that automation is ruining marketing

Automation does save some labor costs, but if it results in a disjointed experience, the money saved is not worth it. When a customer is struggling, it’s insulting to leave them to navigate a phone system for fifteen minutes before disconnecting them without ever letting them speak to a person, if that’s the goal they’ve been trying to achieve.

To address this, some businesses have invested in analytics, but most lack customer journey analytics, providing a breadth of insights across the business.  This has led to a failure to automate personalized experiences. Because customer journey analytics isn’t in place at most businesses, marketers haven’t been able to consistently synchronize communications across business units or departments. Without this synchronization, it’s impossible to deliver great experiences with automation.

How Automation is Saving Marketing

If the previous section sounds like exactly what you’ve already been told about automation, it begs the question: What does a clean, personalized customer experience feel like?

We’ve written before how marketing and CX are beginning to look like one another. This is perhaps the biggest reason that automation is having a massive impact on how top brands deliver great experiences. Far from automation ruining marketing, this customer focused thinking is allowing marketers to deliver incredible, automated experiences. Automated isn’t a moral good, or always the right choice for an interaction. When marketers can automate to push personalization at scale is when it is most powerful.

You’ll find automated customer journeys at today’s top businesses, specifically digital leaders. Take for example, Spotify’s ability to recommend music, playing automatically based on your tastes and interests. It will sometimes be wrong, but the vast majority of the time, it knows what you like to listen to and will play it. Businesses across industry should try to act the same way.  

Businesses Need Both Orchestration and Analytics to Automate Properly

Did you know that 70% of customers expect and want more personalized experiences. Far from ruining marketing, automation is the only way to be an omnichannel marketing expert. Many brands want to deliver incredible value to customers through personalized, consistent experiences. Ultimately the ability to do this comes down to having the right tools and strategies in the right place at the right time, with the right messaging.  

Customer Journeys enable automation to save marketingIf your business can understand the entire customer lifecycle, then you can use that knowledge to deliver value. Journey analytics can tell marketers how to improve their strategies, not just give them an image of their current state.

Once the customer journey is understood, your business can start the vital process of journey orchestration! This isn’t easy.  To orchestrate a customer journey you need to be able to connect the process you just analyzed. Why? The fact remains that orchestrated customer journeys are the only way to always be sure of winning the customer experience game.  Particularly when brands automate, orchestration is the difference between blind and personalized automation.

Automation is Here To Stay

So why not do it right?

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