Bridge the Gap Between Marketing and CX (Without Buying More Technology)

Strategy Best Practices Webinar – On-Demand

From first touch to loyal customer, today’s consumers want to seamlessly engage with your brand across both in-person and digital channels.

How do you create omnichannel experiences that align best with your audience to meet them where they actually are, not where you intend for them to be? And how do you, as a marketer, keep pace with your organization’s growing volume of consumer data touchpoints and increasingly complex martech stack?

Join Kitewheel President Mark Smith and President of New Business Strategies Christine Crandell as they explain how to get your data systems talking to each other, so you can provide the type of seamless experiences that customers expect. You’ll hear how real-time decisioning engines are key to helping your organization interconnect data and communicate more effectively with customers.

Watch the Webinar: