The Customer
Interaction Landscape

Strategic Capabilities Within The Customer Journey

Delivering customer excellence is now a requirement to win in a competitive marketplace. It’s clear that measuring and improving customer experience is just as important as tracking revenue, costs, and other business Key Performance Indicators. With so much data to focus on, how can businesses best provide an automated, timely and seamless experience for all consumers? There are a number of areas where great technology can help support these initiatives.

Customer Journey Orchestration


Customer Journey Orchestration

Bring your journey maps to life with our automated omnichannel solution. You can connect your customer data effectively and deliver a meaningful and personalized experience across all your customer touchpoints.

Next Best Experience

Deciding what to do, and applying it where and when it matters most is critical to your customer experience. Kitewheel ensures interactions are delivered with the right content, at the right cadence through the right channel.

Next Best Experience


Omni-Channel Personalization


Omni-channel Personalization

Ideal customer experiences are most effective when the journey is catered to their likes, wants and needs. Applying this personalized approach anywhere the customer chooses to explore your business will ensure a more successful interaction, regardless of channel.

Real-Time Interaction Management

Instantaneous and intelligent actions allow for powerful customer experiences. The right time to interact with a customer often requires responding in real-time, and automating that experience requires your data sources and technology to be connected to a real-time decision engine for optimal customer satisfaction.

Real-Time Interaction Management


Journey Discovery Analytics

Journey Discovery Dashboard

Journey Discovery Analytics

Discover how customers flow through touchpoints, where they are stalling, and validate pre-defined journeys. Journey Discovery Analytics offers accurate analysis for determining where to start designing, orchestrating, or refining to maximize customer experience.

Performance Dashboards

Monitor the effect of changes and dig deeper into journey performance by benchmarking against goals and KPI’s. Performance Dashboards provide breakdown into critical segments and comparisons of various journeys.

Performance Dashboards

The Technology That Drives Kitewheel’s Platform


Data and System Integration

Connect to all your existing systems and access all your existing data


Customer Intelligence Hub

Our analytics and metrics dashboards provide clear understanding for measuring KPIs and areas for improvement in customer journeys


Rules-Based Decisioning

Execute business rules and logic to personalize the experience


Journey Mapping

Our visualization software empowers non-technical team members to see the journey process while our strategy and support services can help enact that map efficiently


Artificial Intelligence

Adaptive machine learning enhances rule-based decisioning for smarter solutions and optimized paths for conversion and retention


A Real Time Engine

A powerful cloud processing engine that can do all of the above in real time

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