Product Updates — Fall 2016

As October comes to a close, marketers are furiously building their holiday season programs. You’re testing and planning emails, ads, segments and all of your engagement strategies to close the year strong. In the spirit of the season, we’re gifting you several new features to help relieve the holiday stress. Achieve this easily with web personalization, compound metrics and other improvements to our Hub.

Web Personalization- A Quick Win This Holiday Season

When implementing your holiday programs, be sure to integrate web personalization, the easiest and most common use of Kitewheel. Kitewheel’s Javascript library can track web page events, aggregate data – page views, clicks, geolocation and much more – and deliver the decisions or results from any Kitewheel graph for use right in your web page.

To make things easier in an already busy time of year, we’ve even built a Journey Jumpstart that can quickly create all of the pieces of a Personalized Omni-Channel Journey for your holiday marketing plans. This Jumpstart can go live in as little as 15 minutes- get started on the Kitewheel Hub now. 

web personalization

Product Updates- An Early Holiday 🎁

October brought us a many new features and updates to improve your programs and your workflow during the integration of your holiday season programs, including:

Pixel/Tag Tracking

We’ve come out with yet another feature that uses the Kitewheel Graph API to get your team started with email personalization, one of the quickest wins in real-time marketing and something your consumers will be looking for this holiday season. You can now use our tag to track email opens and web page views. Or, link up other tags and traffic sources into your customer journey.

Compound Metrics

To analyze the effectiveness of your holiday efforts, use Kitewheel’s compound metrics to combine, slice and dice your metrics to measure rates, percentages, weighted indexes or whatever formula you wish

Custom Graph Icons & Styles

Once you’ve used Kitewheel to create a successful journey sequence, turn your graphs into sharable templates. Each template has their own custom icon so you can build up a library of  reusable components and demo pieces across projects. Look for lots of one-click graphs and integrations coming from Kitewheel in the near future as well!

Inline Help

If you run into any trouble while using Kitewheel, click the “?” to get contextual help. This tool is also linked to our new and growing User Guide of how-to’s, references and discussions.

Testing UX Improvements

When you’re knee-deep in journey creation, Kitewheel’s got your back with these helpful UX improvements. Now, you can see transactions in reverse chronological order (most recent first). Or, “expand all” to see a transaction’s entire data schema at once. You’ll receive friendlier error messages while building and testing.

With these tools and Kitewheel’s help, we hope to make your holiday marketing less stressful, more impactful and more real-time! Let’s chat about integrating Kitewheel with your current systems to enable these capabilities. Good luck orchestrating great experiences this holiday season!

compound metrics