Delivering Value at Every Step of the Customer Journey

From Acquisition to Conversion to Growth, every stage of the customer lifecycle is a critical element of the customer journey. Kitewheel lets you take control of that journey like never before, delivering valuable insight into behavior and creating better experiences.

Marketing Use Cases

Automatic Lead Management & Nurturing

Integration with Salesforce, Dynamics, Sugar etc. to feed leads from new channels into existing management processes.


Smart Content from the
Very First Interaction

Design the perfect cross-channel lead generation campaign – by orchestrating and optimizing your paid channel sequence with personalized email and print, and tailored web interactions.

Personalized Communications Based on Cross-Channel Behavior

Design and deliver contextual emails informed by users’ web browsing behavior or social & mobile activity. Or indeed using real-time customer behavior from any channel.


Sales Use Cases

Cross-Channel Best Next Action

It is the digital equivalent of “phoning a friend” – but automated. Use smart channel-to-channel personalization to inform the next best action served. For example, use recent purchases or interactions to recommend service options in the call center.


On-line to Off-line Offer Optimization

Influence the customer at their place and moment of truth – leverage your cross-channel customer intelligence to serve up contextual offers at the point of purchase.

Omni-channel Path-to-Purchase Analysis

Analyze your customer journey funnel to reduce sales cycles, increase conversions, and drive ongoing loyalty.


Customer Experience and Service Use Cases

Closing Customer Service Gaps

Equip your service and support staff with the latest data on customer issues. Intelligently automate customer recommendations to guide the optimal next customer service action.


Location-based, Real-time Loyalty Offers

Leverage smart geo-fencing and other location-based triggers to deliver relevant offers and delight your high-value customers.

Linking Customer Service to
Marketing Offers

Intelligently elevate your MVPs to get the concierge services and experience they have earned — automatically, every time they seek your help.


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