Kitewheel Starts 2015 as a CRM Watchlist “Rookie of the Year”

crm watchlistWhat great start to 2015! We are thrilled that acclaimed analyst and author Paul Greenberg has just selected Kitewheel as a “Rookie of the Year” in his CRM Watchlist for 2015, published by ZDNet. Given this chaotic market, there were 140+ submissions and “fewer winners and elites than ever.” We feel so honored to be called out as a Rookie of the Year for 2015 (a.k.a. A Company to Watch).

CRM Watchlist Findings

In his analysis, Paul Greenberg assessed many aspects of the 140 entrants including financials, management and marketing strategy. His scoring also assessed vision/mission, technology, thought leadership and partners. The last of these is perhaps where we scored highest thanks to our tremendous set of marketing agency partners.

Greenberg calls out in his article that “CRM suites are going away.” In today’s high demand world, brands simply don’t have the time, patience or money to throw at lumbering suites that will take years to implement and customize. Instead, they now seek ways to make the most of the systems they already own. This is one of the top reasons why our Kitewheel cloud-based customer engagement hub has taken off. We allow brands to leapfrog their competition with enduring, engaging consumer experiences – using the very same CRM systems they already own today – regardless of the vendor.

Why Kitewheel is a Company to Watch

Our vision is to change the world of CRM with our new approach to the “customer engagement hub” which allows agencies to orchestrate real-time interactive experiences for consumers – while leaving a brand’s existing systems, touch points and data intact. And we’re succeeding! Our technology is award winning and game changing. Our recently published though-leadership report “The State of the Customer Journey” has received countless accolades. Thank you again to all our exceptional partners. And thank you to Paul Greenberg for including us in this elite report. We’d love to connect with you about it.