The Kitewheel Journey: Our Next Step

By Mark Smith.

Artificial intelligence and digital transformation have driven CSGs acquisition of KitewheelAfter a decade of work, Kitewheel has built an award-winning customer journey orchestration hub. Over the years we’ve enhanced our journey analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities, and much more.  

But the biggest development came just a short time ago. Following on from our multi-year partnership, several joint deployments, and incredible work from both teams, I’m proud to say that Kitewheel has joined the CSG family. 

Kitewheel and CSG have been working together since 2018 to bring great customer experiences to CSG’s clients through the power of journey orchestration. We have been on this journey together since that time, managing innovative journeys for some of the world’s largest enterprises. And we began an exciting new chapter of that relationship when CSG acquired Kitewheel in July 2021 

We’ve always lived by a motto: “Work hard and be nice to people.” It’s that hard work and team mentality that has brought us to where we are today, continuing to innovate the world of customer journeys and customer experience. Not only that but the synergy of these values with CSG’s guiding principles means we will continue to make customer and employee experiences extraordinary in our work together. 

Customers Demand A Better Experience

Customers love a great experienceYears ago, we listened to customers and our clients and foresaw that CX would be the next competitive battleground. We were right. By delivering a great experience, brands can build customer loyalty, increase engagement and solve other common business problems.  

By joining CSG, we’re expanding our ability to orchestrate and create engaging customer experiences that allow our clients to differentiate and thrive in a hyper-personalized world. We’ll also help CSG supercharge their 40 years of customer engagement experience, leveraging Kitewheel’s customer journey orchestration capabilities within the broad CSG suite of customer experience and engagement tools focused on customer care, billing, and service. These capabilities are now expanding to every part of the customer lifecycle. 

It’s Prime Time For Customer Journey Orchestration

Mark Smith Got his PhD in ScotlandHaving been involved in the first wave of using big data for customer experience purposes back in the 90s, I can say with confidence that data-driven journey orchestration has never been more powerful or relevant. Even the past decade has brought significant changes to the customer journey space.  

With the forward march of digital transformation and greater demands from customers for better experiences, brands have realized that delivering a “good enough” experience is no longer good enough. As proud as I am with the incredible results Kitewheel has been delivering for our clients, from 10x increases in digital engagement to 10% sales revenue increases, I’m thrilled with what is now possible as part of the CSG family. 

This acquisition has allowed us to collectively reimagine the future of customer engagement. Modern customers expect so much more from their brand experiences, and together with CSG, we will rise to this occasion. 

Kitewheel Is Now A CSG Company

Kitewheel and CSG have long shared a mission to make ordinary customer and employee experiences extraordinary with the power of technology. For more information on the acquisition and what it means for the world of journey management, check out the press release. 
If you’ve become accustomed to hearing my insights on Kitewheel webinars or the Journey Doctor’s podcast, you’re in luck. Keep an eye out for events featuring myself and other leaders on csgi.comor here on the Kitewheel website.