How Kitewheel is Starting Anew to Solve the Customer Engagement Problem

Most cultures have a clever way of making visitors feel lost. For instance, back in my original homeland there is an old joke about the American tourist asking a local Scotsman for directions to the town of Ullapool. The local replied “Och!, if I wanted to go to Ullapool, I wouldn’ae be starting from here!”. Similarly, in my adopted homeland, ask a New Englander for directions (especially a Mainer). The common joke is that the roads are so illogical that “Ah-yuh, you can’t get theyuh from heuh”. Whatever the saying, the sentiment of such jokes carry a similar meaning. Sometimes, you’re never going to get where you need to go by starting with what you’ve got. Sometimes, you need to start afresh. We’ve done just this to solve the customer engagement problem.

A New Look at the Customer Engagement Problem

customer engagement problemOur fresh start is to provide solutions for marketers to actually listen to what the customer is telling them, rather than simply blasting out the generic messages of the month. There are too many companies trying to deliver “great customer experiences” that end up with poor interactions. Further, despite the many new concepts in the MarTech world (multi-channel, conversational dialogue, real-time interactions and more), most remain campaign-centric.

We set out to solve the problem of poor customer engagement and blanket marketing campaigns. To do so, we started somewhere else.

To provide the overhaul needed, we are thrilled today to officially launch our new customer listening division. This solution provides a marketing solution to truly hear what customers say and respond accordingly and intelligently. Based in Boston’s Innovation District, we offer the first comprehensive platform to link the marketing industry’s growing big data and individualization challenges.

Kitewheel: More Than Just Another MarTech Tool

Our platform joins a crowded market, but we’re NOT another customer interaction system. We are not a campaign management, CRM, content management, social monitoring, process management, or analytics tool. Instead, we are the “glue” between systems, allowing data sharing and integration for the first time. This will engage customers in a cross-channel journey to deliver value to the customer and the business.

Imagine a company that can listen, hear and understand your needs. One that can respond with what they’re selling AND with what you really need and want as a valued customer. We’re here to help companies do just that, typically through their marketing agency or service provider. We’re excited to start the customer engagement journey from a new origin. Our goal is to help businesses rise to the challenges of both customers’ and brands’ personal interaction expectations.