Gartner Recognizes Kitewheel for Key Orchestration Capabilities

customer experienceIt was a pleasure to read the recent Gartner Marketing Leaders report (from analyst Jake Sorofman) covering the “Key Foundations” for Customer Experience. Jake lays out the building blocks needed to actually deliver improved experiences for consumers across channels in real-time. Jake, unlike most, manages to put some refreshing substance to it.

Key Report Findings

First, Jake explains the channels available and the data used to inform the decision the during that right interaction. Jake also highlights the need for an engine that runs the whole operation. He defines a category of “Automation and Orchestration”. He says brands need a sophisticated environment to deliver the right timely content to targeted individuals at scale.

This core capability is called different things by different market commentators: a Backbone Platform by Scott Brinker, the Customer Engagement Hub from Michael Maoz at Gartner, and the Context Marketing Engine from Forrester. In this case, the Gartner descriptor of Digital Marketing Hub is cited under the category of “Automation and Orchestration”. This category highlights the two core functions a business needs to run engagement processes running at scale in real-time. Automation makes sure that the right things happen – even if there are millions of interactions running per minute. Orchestration links all the pieces together and makes decisions that drive the right choice, content, timing and channel. These two ideas are the foundation of a strong customer experience, and vendors must be able to deliver these at scale.

Where Kitewheel Stands in Customer Experience

If this categorization wasn’t exciting enough, we’re proud to be one of few vendors in this category. A mention alongside mega-suite vendors such as Adobe, Oracle, and SFDC is quite timely. Usually, as our partners know, Kitewheel deploys alongside these major suites or one or more of their component products.

We automate the orchestration between them and the dozens of other MarTech in a typical business. We provide a more approachable, more achievable alternative. Our tool actually does what it says it does — at a fraction of the time, cost (and headache!).

The Kitewheel business continues to grow rapidly, primarily thanks to the innovative work of our marketing agency partners, but the recognition we get from the Industry Analyst experts most certainly helps as well. I encourage you to track the work of Jake Sorofman at Gartner, he has some great insights into how marketing can deliver ever better customer experiences…. in more than just buzzwords. Or, connect with us to chat about it!