Forrester Highlights Kitewheel as a Customer Journey Analytics Provider

customer journey analyticsKitewheel is excited to announce our recent inclusion in Forrester’s report Vendor Landscape: Customer Journey Analytics Providers written by Tina Moffett and Joana van den Brink-Quintanilha with support from other analysts Srividya Sridharan, Arleen Chien, Gabriella Zoia and Kara Hartig. We’re a customer journey analytics and orchestration provider, so this is great!

Customer Journey Analytics Providers Report Criteria

Following in Gartner’s footsteps, Forrester’s report reviews companies in the Customer Journey Analytics market. The report aims to guide buyers to the best partner for their specific journey analytics objectives. The list of players is surprisingly long, including over 40 companies from a range of backgrounds. Now, they offer journey analytics capabilities – Marketing, Customer Service, Website Tech, Marketing Agency and more.

With such a vast vendor list spanning several technology markets, Forrester analyzes these Customer Journey Analytics players by four major classes of capability – Data Fusion, Journey Planning, Journey Testing and Journey Automation.  Within these classes Forrester then defines 12 specific features that solutions should provide. 

The others solutions that make up this list of seven providers of all capabilities are a couple of the large marketing cloud vendors, two Customer Service/VOC-focused vendors,  and two agency firms.  

Kitewheel As a Customer Journey Analytics Provider

Of the seven providers, Kitewheel is the one pure-play platform that is focused on a technology agnostic approach to managing the entire process of the customer journey – without owning any of the touch-points or requiring new system implementations. Further, Kitewheel is proud to one of only seven vendors that provides the complete set of all 12 features!

Kitewheel led the charge to develop this market for the last 4 years. It is exciting to see the Customer Journey Analytics market begin to take shape. There are clearly too many vendors in the mix, typical of an early stage market. This will change soon enough. Over the next 2-3 years, the discipline and the range of solutions in this space will continue to mature. We hope to lead the way towards widespread implementation of real-time, omni-channel customer journeys. We’d love to connect with you about our Customer Journey Hub!