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The Customer Journey Maturity Model

Use customer journeys to create competitive customer experiences across 5 levels of journey maturity

Our Latest Customer Journey Maturity Model

After many years of being at the leading edge of the customer journey orchestration market, Kitewheel now teaches you the best practices for applying customer journey processes, skills, technology and metrics to transform brands into proactive journey management leaders.

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A Guide to Achieve Customer Journey Optimization

Customer Journeys Have Evolved

Step One

Data Connection & Identity

Start the journey optimization process by laying a foundation of data and profile building. This is where you will audit your data and technology, and complete key integration steps.



Step Two

Customer Journey Analytics & Discovery

With your data connected and the ability to identify profiles, businesses next need to discover and analyze their current state journeys. Achieving this step requires identifying a first use-case for your business to address with journey management.

Step Three

Journey Orchestration Strategy

This is where journey orchestration truly begins. With the use-case identified, you can plan where your business will make operational improvements to influence the future journey. In this step you will decide on new journey metrics for success.



Step Four

Activate & Automate Journeys

The next step in journey maturity: Actually doing something with the connections, analysis, and planning you’ve already accomplished! At this stage, your business will get started and grow the journey.

Step Five

Journey Optimization

Once your business has begun automating and running journeys in real time, there is no limit to how sophisticated and powerful your journey program can become.  The process repeats from here, with improvements near the base rippling up to power more and more impressive journey performance! If you’ve resolved the business challenge identified in your first use case, it may be time to move on to the next.


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