Why Choose a Leading Customer Journey Orchestration Software 

How do you earn and maintain commanding positions in the Forrester Wave™ for Journey Orchestration Platforms? According to Forrester, what are the key factors behind customer journey orchestration success? How did Kitewheel earn a place as a leading customer journey orchestration software? The Forrester Wave™: Journey Orchestration Platforms, Q2 2020, is available on our website, answers these questions in-depth. In this blog, we cover the results and share what your brand needs to know about customer journey orchestration.

Leaders in the Forrester Wave™

Forrester places leaders in the Wave™ by analyzing the software capabilities and strategy of each customer journey orchestration software. They work closely with the vendor’s clients and identify the top-performing customer journey platforms. Between real client feedback and their internal team of experts, Forrester is able to build a model to help brands pick the right vendor. This Forrester Wave™ report offers an in-depth understanding of the capabilities that brands need for their journey orchestration efforts. Only the top-performing customer journey tools are considered and even fewer earn coveted spots as leaders. 

The Power of Real-time Journey Optimization

a leader in the forrester wave must be able to test and optimizeCustomer journeys already happen every day in every business. Unfortunately, not every brand is taking control of their journey to help customers have great experiences. Part of the challenge for most businesses is that it can be difficult to know why customers behave the way they do. To solve this, companies need to break down the silos of data in their business. They need to listen everywhere to what their customers are doing and saying about the brand. With that data, companies can make decisions about the next best action for each customer, and finally, brands must be able to actually deliver the ideal experience for that individual. Optimizing this process is something only the most powerful customer journey orchestration software can do.

Testing and Optimization are Key to Journey Success

How can you determine what needs to change in your customer journey? Most tools rely on historical data and measuring past trends. While this creates a good foundation for understanding what has or hasn’t worked, a historical-only view makes optimization difficult. Meanwhile, Kitewheel earned a perfect score on journey testing and optimization. This is in part because of our ability to analyze trends in real-time which increases our client’s agility in deploying journey programs. This has been enormously impactful for our clients. One Kitewheel client told Forrester: “The [Kitewheel] platform enabled end-to-end automation for complex use cases that historically would-be built in silos and require manual processes to achieve the required outcome.” These formerly manual processes were time-consuming, but with the power of Kitewheel and our real-time journey optimization, they are now able to quickly adapt and change their journey programs to satisfy individual customers. 

Highest Marks for Customer Journey Orchestration Technology 

customer journey technology is one of many items required to be a leader in the forrester waveOften, brands have the data they need for great customer journeys, but not the technology to deliver them. Customer journey orchestration software bridges the gap between great strategy and great results.  While no technology is powerful enough to let you thrive without a great customer journey strategy, having the right tools can make orchestrating journeys much easier and more successful. But how can you know what technology you should be looking for? Forrester states in their report that “[Kitewheel] is a good fit for companies and agencies ready to use real-time decisioning at scale (with in-built testing and machine learning) to drive next best experiences.” Real-time decisioning is a key capability within the Kitewheel platform and is ultimately what allows our clients to deliver on their promise of great experiences for their customers. 

The Greatest Journey Orchestration Software Innovations are Yet to Come

While we are proud of our placement as a leader in the Forrester Wave, Kitewheel has never been content with good enough. We earned the highest possible marks on testing and optimization, and for our technology. We also scored extremely well across every other dimension that Forrester grades. Even so, we are already working on more improvements. Stay tuned for Kitewheel Analytics version 2, continued engine enhancements, and much more.

For more insight on why Forrester considers Kitewheel a Leader, check out the Forrester Wave™: Journey Orchestration Platforms, Q2 2020.