Customer Journey Podcast: Introducing the Journey Doctors

This banner introduces Kitewheel's Customer Journey Podcast: The Journey Doctors

How can you use data to build better customer experiences? What do changes in the world of martech mean for modern brands? Dr. Mark Smith and Dr. Neil Skilling flex their non-medical PhDs to answer these and other questions in Kitewheel’s new customer journey podcast: The Journey Doctors.
In each episode, the doctors discuss topics from customer experience, data, regulations, facts about Scotland, their wealth of experience in the data-driven marketing space, and much more.

Why Make a Customer Journey Podcast?

customer experience is broken, find out how to fix itCustomer experience is the main competitive differentiator for brands in the modern marketplace. While decades of work and innovation have been put into getting the customer experience right, there are still times when these experiences break down. These CX gaps primarily occur when customer communications are inconsistent, or irrelevant due to a lack of journey orchestration.

The good news is that most businesses have the tools they need to listen to and communicate with their customers. So what’s missing? Brands sometimes need a little help to fix gaps in the customer experience and master their customer journey.

That’s where the journey doctors come in. With decades of experience in martech, digital transformation, and data-driven customer experiences, backed up by doctorate degrees in mathematics and computer science, the Journey Doctors are here to fix gaps in the customer experience and share some Scottish wisdom and humor along the way.

Meet Dr. Mark Smith

As the President of Kitewheel and holder of a Ph.D. in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Edinburgh, Journey Doctor Mark Smith is a sonorous force on our podcast and in the customer journey space. Born in the UK, but now a US citizen, Mark has traveled the world, building decades of experience in his career at Quadstone, Portrait, Pitney Bowes, and now Kitewheel.

Mark is a charismatic leader, known for his open-door policy and for truly living the company motto “Work Hard and Be Nice To People”. Always exploring new ideas with cutting insight into the challenges that marketers and CX leaders face every day, Mark Smith also serves as a physical embodiment of Kitewheel’s corporate ethos.

But this Journey Doctor wasn’t always the thought leader he is today. In the inaugural episode of our customer journey podcast, he relates one interaction with a client early in his career. With perfect Scottish brogue, Dr. Mark Smith shares the reaction of a marketing leader after they exchanged business cards. It starts with “OCH LADDIE,” but you won’t want to miss the rest of the exchange.

Introducing Dr. Neil Skilling 

The CTO of Kitewheel and Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Edinburgh, Journey Doctor Neil Skilling’s energy, and intellect have shaped the world of marketing technology and the Kitewheel product. Neil wears many proverbial hats, as he has at firms like Quadstone, Portrait, Pitney Bowes, and now Kitewheel. If that list sounds familiar, it should. Neil and Mark have been partners in delivering data-driven customer experiences for decades.

Neil keeps Kitewheel running. In fact, he wears many hats here at Kitewheel, first serving as European Managing Director and now CTO. Not only that, Dr. Skilling is a frequent advocate and participant of in-office events as well as a trivia master whose go-to nickname is “Winner” in an often-successful attempt to create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

As a self-proclaimed expert in Scotch whiskey and a lover of golf, Dr. Neil Skilling is a man of many talents. In our inaugural episode, he shares how big data has made customer journey investments more necessary than ever before.

Why Mark and Neil Are Hosting a Customer Journey Podcast

Neil and MarkThe customer journey space is rapidly changing. That’s why we’re launching the Journey Doctors podcast to keep you informed about the burning issues impacting customer experience today. Whether you’re a marketer, a CX professional, a technology leader, or are just interested in learning more about the customer journey space, Dr. Mark Smith and Dr. Neil Skilling have insights that will help you understand the world of customer journeys. Where they see symptoms of poor journey practices, they offer prescriptions.

The Journey Doctors podcast is now live on Spotify, Apple, Google, and PodBean. You can also listen to the latest episodes here on our website. If you’re interested in asking a question that the Journey Doctors will answer in an upcoming episode of our customer journey podcast, please use the form below to submit anonymously.