Provenir (Kitewheel)’s New Customer Listening Division

Last Thursday, we opened our doors to welcome marketing and technology professionals, local media and analysts to mix, mingle and learn more about our new customer listening platform. The night was a great success and the air was abuzz with the importance of improving customer engagement. We’d like to thank the Island Creek Oyster Bar for providing fantastic food throughout the evening. We were also excited to welcome local reporter Dennis Keohane from VentureFizz. Most importantly, though, we were happy to share a live demo of our software!

Customer Listening First-Hand with ProvenAIR

customer listeningCustomer engagement is so relevant because everyone is a consumer. Everyone has experienced a bad exchange with a brand. We wanted to show this firsthand to our guests. When everyone arrived, we asked them to check in for a trip on our imitation airline, ProvenAIR. Check-in included providing their email, Twitter handle and contact preferences.

During the evening, our guests received boarding passes via email for flights around the globe. Guests shared their vacation destinations and could not wait to travel to exotic destinations on a rainy evening in Boston.  However, the delight was quickly over when they discovered that their flights had been delayed. There was no real detail on how long they would have to wait. Like your average customer, our guests took to Twitter to complain about ProvenAIR and demand answers.

Within seconds, the Provenir (Kitewheel) platform went to work, responding to our guests’ complaints immediately and on various different communication channels.  The fact that we awarded prizes for the best tweets only heightened the party’s excitement.  The system responded based on each individual’s actual complaint, their status with ProvenAIR, and data from the flight operations systems.  Our demo actually went much further than just responding to delayed flight complaints. Passengers on ProvenAIR could also ask any other question about their flight. For example, if someone requested an aisle seat, the platform took this request into consideration to determine a personal response. It was a fun, interactive way to show exactly how we intend to revolutionize the way brands interact with their customers.