Data Integration & Journey Analytics

Constructing A Frictionless Technology Stack For Powerful Insights

The best customer journeys start with a detailed understanding of the customer experience. Kitewheel’s journey analytics platform gives marketers and CX practitioners visibility into how customers are interacting with their organizations, providing deep insights and powering better customer journeys.

Data Integration Powers Cross-Channel Perspective

Web Analytics, Campaign Analytics, etc only provide a partial and siloed view of the customer journey. To better understand customer behavior it is critical to see how customers flow from one channel to another, to better understand where and when they hit roadblocks.


Understand the Customer Journey By Tracking Critical Moments

Your customers have millions of interactions with your brand, but which ones are most important for your business? Often times, journey data can be overwhelming. The journey discovery model helps you see what the most valuable steps are for your audience, and then records those interactions to better understand overall customer intent.

Analyze Individual Customer Actions

When looking at aggregate customer behavior analysis, there are often unanswered questions about intent. It is critical to be able to drill down and see the exact actions each unique customer takes. This puts you directly in the customer’s shoes, so you can quickly understand their pain points and take actions to solve them.


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