Provenir (Kitewheel)’s Impact at The DMA13 Conference

dma13A shift was felt throughout this year’s DMA13 conference. This is because the face of direct marketing is changing. Direct marketing is not a dying art – marketers are just looking for new ideas to engage their audiences, a challenge as marketing has become increasingly customer centric in the last few years.

Marketers Search for Guidance at DMA13

Creating tailored interactions with customers via direct marketing isn’t easy by any means. It’s a challenge that has left companies starving for new solutions and ways to approach their marketing strategies in a different manner than before.  Many marketers know that those who focus on individual engagement will be the true winners. Everyone knows what they should be doing – listening and engaging – yet, very few are actually doing it. They came to DMA13 looking for answers.  The air was thick with conversations about the need to take action on the back of Big Data and the lack of appropriate tools to do so; a conversation we are all too familiar with, one that led to the creation of our division and our platform.

Kitewheel: Actualizing the Conversation

Many conversations around CRM and engagement didn’t have a proper conclusion…until now. Our platform completes the conversation. Kitewheel fills the final gap and helps brands move beyond their system limitations and campaign-based strategies to the real proactive interactions that matter.

DMA provided a perfect setting for us to demonstrate exactly how to successfully shift marketing efforts using our platform. We recreated the airline demonstration from our launch party so DMA attendees could experience real-time engagement with a fictitious airline. Illustrating how direct marketing can evolve in an increasingly mobile, customer-centric marketplace, our platform listened to individual comments across social networks and responded immediately in real-time with relevant commentary – often on a completely different channel, according to their preferences. Importantly, Kitewheel also knew where automated responses were not appropriate. Instead, we gave customers direct call right on their mobile phone.

It’s exciting to see this shift in direct marketing; the DMA audience was certainly aware of and ready for the shift. We are in the midst of a marketing reboot. We’re thrilled to have had the opportunity to attend DMA and be part of the conversation, and would love to chat about what’s to come!