Drive Engagement

Drive Engagement and Retention

Keep customers interested and involved with the customer journey at your business

Create Engaging Experiences

The engagement journey is crucial to your customer’s relationship with your brand. Driving engagement and retention requires that you use all of the information that you have on your customers, across time and channel. This helps you create a sense of conversation and recognition that contributes to overall brand loyalty. The Kitewheel Hub supports business leaders in this goal by syncing channels, unifying customer profiles, and managing interactions in real-time.


For a more detailed look at how to implement this customer journey use case, check out our Guide to Drive Engagement and Retention or read more below.


How Kitewheel Can Help


Omnichannel Synchronization

Engage customers wherever they interact, across any channel with Kitewheel’s powerful out-of-the-box connectors and adaptors


Loyalty Targeting

Power intelligent loyalty targeting and sales discounts to drive retention


Sync Online and Offline Activity

Coordinate in-app and in-store experiences for cohesion regardless of channel


Contextually Relevant Ad Experiences

Deliver contextually relevant experiences with intent driven display ads to attract new and returning business


Geolocation Targeting

Employ geolocation-based logic to target customers with location-specific offers, advice, and other information and build relevancy


Real-time Abandonment Response

Respond to real-time abandonment responses to help draw customers back in after they leave your website, or abandon a cart

Get Started Quickly With Journey as a Service

Want to start orchestrating an engagement and retention journey?

Check out Kitewheel’s new Journey as a Service offering, designed to bring our years of journey management expertise to your business. Our pre-designed, cross-channel journeys allow for businesses to get up and running quickly. 

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How Kitewheel Helps Brands Drive Engagement and Retention

Leverage the behavioral triggers to integrate personalized web and email experiences – using a unified set of rules to link the customer journey. Learn how Kitewheel helped a global consumer packaged goods company build out a successful two year personalized engagement journey that nurtured and increased customer engagement and sales.

Boost loyalty program registrations and drive additional revenue by better engaging your audience with a loyalty program that connects digital, mobile, and social, in real-time. Learn how Kitewheel helped a major UK pub chain build an omni-channel real-time loyalty program that connected 6 different touchpoints and generated near immediate ROI. 

Fundamentals Guide

Ready to Learn the Fundamentals of Journey Management?

Download our guide outlining the top journey management use cases.