Drive Engagement and Retention Efforts With The Customer Journey

Two strategies to deliver great experiences in your loyalty journey

Loyalty requires engagement and retention. Engagement and retention require a great customer journey.How can you retain customers and engage them across time? You must build out a customer journey program that supports the loyalty journey. Driving customer loyalty is only part of the complex challenge of managing customer journeys, but a few simple principles can help you succeed. A journey measurement framework can be applied to journey management. This lets you support your customers across their entire lifecycle. Building out this framework allows your business to maximize value no matter where customers are in the customer journey. To succeed, you must unify decisions across the loyalty journey and dynamically update the experience for customers in real-time. 


Unify Decisioning To Prove You Know Customers

like roads come together the loyalty journey requires a connected experience. When you can prove that you know who your customers are, they take notice. In fact, more than 70% of customers only have loyalty to brands they feel recognize and interact with them in a personalized way. How can you show that you know customers? By connecting their data across experience, time, and communication channel. Data management is at the heart of journey management. It is also one of the foundational pieces of the loyalty journey. When you can take customer interactions from one channel and use them in another, you prove to customers that you know who they are wherever they interact. 

This connectivity is especially crucial for loyalty and engagement efforts. Consider a customer who contacts customer service. If customer service cannot identify which customer is calling them with ease, it will be that much harder to identify the problem the customer is facing and how to resolve it. Take the example of a computer hardware company. What happens if there is an issue interfacing between two devices that they make? Too often, there is no way for a service representative in advance which devices the customer owns. Meanwhile, knowing the customer owns both devices can supercharge that business’ ability to help them, perhaps by providing the service rep with a preloaded guide to troubleshoot. 

Drive Engagement and Retain Customers With Dynamic Content

A cute baby reminds us of the stakes for some loyalty journeys. Engage and retain your customers by showing you care about what they care aboutKnowing who your customers are is only half the battle. The next step is being able to change content dynamically when they engage with your business. Customers quickly grow tired of repeated experiences unless those experiences add value. Instead, find a way to provide the most relevant possible content for a given experience. This lets you take your greater knowledge of who the customer is and deliver an experience tailored for them. Providing these great experiences can have a huge impact on your revenue. With nearly half of consumers saying they have purchased a product following a tailored experience, it’s easy to see why a more curated experience can help your engagement and retention efforts generate real business results.

When one of the world’s leaders in childhood nutrition changed how they recommended content, they saw an immediate impact. This business was able to build a customer profile that dynamically updated based on content consumed.  They used that profile to track information such as the age, and any health concerns, from allergies to colic. With that information, they were able to recommend videos and other content that directly connected to what the target audience needed to know for their particular child. This lead to a 27% increase in sales within the loyalty program, but also to a 7x increase in social engagement. By adopting a customer journey orchestration approach, Gerber was able to deliver a better experience to their customers and make their loyalty program even more valuable.

Achieve Incredible Results For your Engagement and Retention Programs

No matter what industry your business is in, driving engagement and retention for your customers can yield powerful results. By unifying decisions to know who your customers are, and using dynamic content that changes to fit their particular needs, you can make your customer experience even better. Orchestration allows you to go even further, letting you make the best next content decision in real time. Today customers interact on the phone, web, email, in-app, over chat, and in-person.  A well orchestrated journey ensures your systems know who the customer is and helps deliver the best possible experience, regardless of channel.

Is this use case the most pressing at your business? If you want to understand engagement and retention on a deeper level, or if you are curious about other use cases solved for by journeys, read our guide to the fundamentals of journey management. Inside, you’ll find a breakdown of the core use cases that journey management solves. You will also learn the core areas to focus on while getting started with your journey to great customer experiences.