What Can an Egg Teach us About Customer Journey Analytics?

Our readers who follow social media closely may have known about the most liked post on Instagram.  For quite some time this post was a picture of Kylie Jenner’s newborn baby holding her hand. See below.

A picture of a beautiful baby's hand in her mother's grasp, soon to be replaced by an egg as top instagram post.

Wholesome content, a young mother with her young child, beautifully composed. This is the type of content that the market wants to see. People loved the photo, showing their appreciation for a happy, innocent moment.

The rise of this photo to instagram fame was meteoric, no doubt in part due to the sheer fame of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. But we wouldn’t be writing this blog if that was all there was to the story. In the comments on the post, thrilled instagrammers are messaging that they have beaten Kylie Jenner. Doni.1203 even references an interactive cutscene in a video game franchise in which players are urged to “press ‘F’ to pay respects”.  And rightfully so. For as impactful as 18,623,432 likes may be, those reactions are nothing in comparison to the new king of instagram.

Enter the Egg.

customer journey analytics may have been able to predict the rise of the egg.

The Egg that Changed Everything (And Made Us Write This Blog)

You may not be ready for it. The Egg is pretty overwhelming, with well over fifty million likes and growing. That’s eggcelent performance for such a simple concept. Here it is again.

The world record instagram egg

In an incredible period of activity, “world_record_egg” has become the most liked post on Instagram to date. It will hold a difficult record to beat, with its international appeal, sleek brown-golden body, and luminescent glow.

But why does this matter to Customer Journey Analytics?

Data Changes In Real Time

When most businesses look at customer data, trends, and performance, they collect data, perform analysis and then base entire operational plans off of data. The issue is that it won’t be fresh for more than a brief window. Analyzing historical data has been the main way for businesses to take a pulse-check and feel how they’re doing. But this is no longer the most impactful way to examine customer data.

Instead, businesses should be applying a real time data analytics approach, ingesting relevant customer data from every business unit, analyzing it in real time, and making adjustments against those findings. Customer behavior changes rapidly, so your business needs to be able to react as well. 

To support this, Kitewheel has developed new capabilities in the Customer Journey Analytics Space, improving our standing in the Forrester Wave Report for Journey Orchestration. This is part of the overall market trend of advancing data analytics across all industries, as more and more brands bring customer journey management in house. We predict that more businesses than ever will begin investing in journey analytics, since this trend shows no signs of slowing down.

So What Does the Egg Teach Us?

Delivering great experiences delivers the winning ribbon. Customer Journey Analytics can get you there.The Egg teaches us not to assume that what was true one day will be true the next. Kylie’s team spent money to promote her content. They built a video that drove interest. Every choice supported the powerful brand reputation that Kylie Jenner already wields. It makes sense that with such a following, Kylie would have the most liked instagram photo, yet we know that’s not the case. Just like instagram user behavior, customer preferences are unpredictable and so too is their buying behavior. With the right systems in place any business can be ready to meet the changing marketplace. With agile, accurate changes and real time reaction capabilities, you may find your business has a world record customer experience.Maybe your business can be the next world_record_customer_experience!

No one could have predicted the rise of the world record egg. But you can predict that customers will surprise you, and build a journey that is prepared for any possibility. Well orchestrated journeys do more than let you deliver great content. They also let you build for the unexpected, and track performance across all parts of your journey to improve for the future.

Whether you need to start Journey Discovery or if you already have a deeply integrated analytics team or department, Kitewheel can help.  If you’re ready to take the next step to advance journey analytics at your business, we’d be happy to talk. 

Next time you think that things that have always worked in the past will always work in the future, just think back to this blog post and remember the story of the Egg that Broke the Internet.