Introducing Kitewheel

engagement technologyIt’s been a big week for us, and we’re thrilled to be able to finally share what we’ve been busy working on behind the scenes. During this past week, we officially announced that Provenir has spun-off its customer engagement technology division to become its own standalone business, named Kitewheel.

Kitewheel: A New Engagement Technology for Marketers

Enter Kitewheel – a new brand focused on helping marketing agencies deliver a new generation of interactive real-time experiences that truly engage consumers.

Kitewheel is recognized by the world’s leading analysts as a trail-blazer. We also helped establish the all new CRM category of the “Customer Engagement Hub”. We are changing the way agencies use marketing technology altogether. As a result, our business has seen dramatic market traction in the past six months. This includes a 300% increase in revenue and the doubling of our innovative agency base. In addition, four of the top five agency groups use our cloud platform to orchestrate real-time consumer journeys for the world’s largest automotive, airline, retail, travel and consumer packaged goods brands.

Why “Kitewheel?”

This name and identity are quite important to us. “Kite” is all about the individual experience. Like a customer, you can only guide a kite, not control it. It’s about freedom and imagination, creativity, action and light weight. “Wheel” is all about taking action, the central Hub; the always-on engine, orchestration and ultimately about “getting it done.”

Finally, our many partners can rest assured that we won’t miss a beat – you can expect business as usual from the dedicated team that you’ve worked with.

We can now power the real-time revolution with our own dedicated brand. We look forward to delivering personalized, interactive experiences that drive real engagement and long-term brand loyalty.