Explore Your Customer Journey

Explore Your Customer Journey

Understand the journey paths and pain-points that your customers experience every day

Customer Focused Measurement and Discovery

The customer journey and customer journey analytics must look at the customer’s full experience within your business. Journey Discovery means using all of the information that customers provide every day to discover unknown journey paths, measure success, and identify past and future trends. The Kitewheel Hub supports business leaders in this goal with a powerful suite of analytics capabilities, out-of-the-box journey measurement and journey discovery tools, and intelligent mapping – all ready to close the loop between exploration and journey execution.


For a more detailed look at how to implement this customer journey use case, check out our Guide to Explore Your Customer Journey or read more below.

How Kitewheel Can Help


Journey Steps

Map and measure the flow between journey steps to identify customer paths and understand how your journey is flowing


Real-Time Analytics

Analyze real-time data to understand which paths are most successful and why


Journey Mapping

Integrate journey mapping to strategize an idealized journey in Kitewheel’s strategy layer


Discover Pain-Points

Observe breakdowns in the customer journey to adapt your programs for future optimization


Journey Discovery

Quantify journey paths and identify unknown journeys to improve customer experiences


Journey Measurement

Gauge the success of your journey efforts with smart metrics and real-time tracking

Get Started Quickly With Journey as a Service

Want to start exploring your customer journey?

Check out Kitewheel’s new Journey as a Service offering, designed to bring our years of journey management expertise to your business. Our pre-designed, cross-channel journeys allow for businesses to get up and running quickly. 

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How Kitewheel Helps Brands Explore Their Customer Journeys

The ability to visually and qualitatively build and examine journey paths allows brands to create better customer journeys overall. Learn how Kitewheel helped a major CPG company create an intelligent customer journey map that took their strategic plans and turned it into an orchestrated experience.

Capture social comments indicating buying signals or product interest and understand which engagement streams are optimal to capture opportunities. Learn how Kitewheel helped an automotive firm build a social listening system for their customer journey to uncover insights about their customer’s behavior.

Fundamentals Guide

Ready to Learn the Fundamentals of Journey Management?

Download our guide outlining the top journey management use cases.