Kitewheel’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering if Kitewheel is the right fit? Check out some of the top questions we get about why best-in-class journey orchestration is the right choice for your brand’s customer experience.

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  1. What is Kitewheel?

    Kitewheel is a technology company that provides a cloud software platform for customer journey orchestration.  The Kitewheel solution supports real-time, omni-channel journey management backed by skills and expertise from our services consulting team.

  2. What is Journey Orchestration?

    Journey orchestration is the process of automating your channels and customer communications to ensure that every interaction with customers provides the best possible experience for the customer.  It requires a balance between the desires of the customer and your business decisions to interconnect your technology to provide the best possible customer interactions. It is not to be confused with journey mapping or journey analytics. While both of these are important practices, journey orchestration lets you actually move the needle on customer experience.

  3. Who are the clients of Kitewheel? 

    Kitewheel has a number of enterprise clients in Retail, Travel & Hospitality, Insurance, Banking, B2B and many B2C industries. Kitewheel also supports dozens of clients through our partner network.  To see our top use cases with current clients, visit our resource center.

  4. What value does Kitewheel add?

    Our solution operates at scale in real-time and can work with all the existing technology, channels and data in use at an enterprise business. Kitewheel allows for any type of data integration that your business requires. We are a system-agnostic provider, with real-time interaction management capabilities, powered by our market-leading decision engine. We offer the full range of support for journey management, helping take your initial journey designs and bring them to life in a journey mapping layout which is also the live automation process, and then supporting your expansion to many, complex, interlaced journeys.

  5. How is Kitewheel similar to/or interact with a CDP?

    A CDP is a powerful data tool and can help you build a single customer view of your data, essentially allowing for “data orchestration” or “data fusion”.  Kitewheel can map, analyze, and orchestrate customer journeys independent of all your data resources.  Meanwhile Kitewheel  lets you use an existing data format to impact on customers directly with no need for a long data project.  We can use your data wherever it exists today, through using our APIs to connect to one or dozens of databases. This is also how we interact with a CDP.

    What if we already have a solution such as a CDP or database tool in place? Kitewheel can support and act as the orchestration layer to accomplish your customer journey goals. If you’re happy with the state of your data or have a great CDP to keep it organized, then Kitewheel can connect to that data, push, pull, and update it in real time, and use it to influence other parts of the customer journey.  There is actually tremendous alignment with a CDP and Kitewheel’s native orchestration and analytics capabilities.

  6. How is Kitewheel similar to/or interact with a DMP?

    Kitewheel is a dynamic segmentation and recommendation engine. At any point in time therefore Kitewheel’s decisioning may decide that an individual has changed segment or audience. One result of this may be to update a DMP with new segment labels, to move an individual from one segment to another or apply new tags to their profile. Kitewheel orchestrates all of these activities and so works in tandem with the DMP, ESP, CSM and targeted ads systems.

    What if we already have a solution such as an analytics or decisioning solution in place?
    Kitewheel can support and act as the orchestration layer to accomplish your customer journey goals. If you’re happy with your decisioning or even if you’re using an advanced analytic or AI solution like IBM Watson or Amazon Machine Learning, Kitewheel can take the models or decisions from these tools and action them to your channels to allow real-time modification of the journey. How does Kitewheel deal with GDPR restrictions?

  7. What data security measures does Kitewheel have?

    Your data is protected physically and digitally when you entrust it with Kitewheel. Kitewheel adheres to the SOC 2 Security and Availability Trust Services Principles and is audited by a respected third-party for both Type 1 and Type 2. We fully comply with the latest data security standards for our own office, digital workplaces, and the servers that run the Kitewheel Hub. All data is processed through Tier III+ data centers that are operated at ISO27001 compliance levels, our software employs several additional layers of encryption, and we are in compliance with other data security and privacy standards. The SOC 2 report is available for clients and well-vetted parties on request. For more information, check out our security features page here:

    What about GDPR compliance?
    The responsibilities for GDPR are shared between Kitewheel and the brand using the Kitewheel platform to orchestrate activities. Brands need to have all of the correct legal structures in place to inform individuals why they are asking for data, how long they will store it, what they plan to do with it. Kitewheel will process that data and can also be used to help identify the systems and locations of data for any subject access request. As part of any project, Kitewheel will work with the brand to create the necessary GDPR data flow documents.

  8. If I have rules and logic implemented in certain channels, does that mean I can’t utilize Kitewheel? 

    One of the most powerful uses of Kitewheel is to connect to existing tools and software without having to re-write every program. Kitewheel can read the results of any rules or decisioning you’ve already built, or be an input to existing systems.

  9. How is Kitewheel different from campaign management or marketing automation tools?

    Kitewheel sits above marketing specific tools and serves as an orchestrator of the entire customer journey, focusing on the lifetime experience and value that customers have with your brand. Many Kitewheel projects empower existing campaign management and marketing automation tools to act seamlessly with each other and in real-time.

  10. How can Kitewheel help our service resolution needs?
    Kitewheel has seen a growth in service resolution use-cases in recent years, including predictive decisioning, resolution path nudging, and marketing suppression. Whether it’s getting tickets closed faster, assisting with first-call resolution, or ensuring the customer’s experience is as painless as possible while receiving service, real-time orchestration can help.
  11. Is there anything Kitewheel can’t integrate with?

    After years of trying, we haven’t found anything yet!  Kitewheel has integrated with many systems in both private and public environments. We have built-in REST, SOAP, Database adapters as well as support for connecting to message queues and secure storage. If a system allows external connections we can find a way to integrate into it. When working with legacy systems, we can often create custom integrations even if it was not originally built with that in mind.

  12. How long does it take to get setup using Kitewheel.

    The set-up of a Kitewheel instance for a customer can occur in a single day. Kitewheel Support provides a ½ hour enablement session to acquaint the customer administrative owners with an orientation on how to access, to navigate, and to manage access for their end-user community. The full value of Kitewheel requires channel integration(s) and logic configuration to drive the customer journey. Most Kitewheel customers start with a journey that touches 2-3 channels with business rule logic that is of low to medium levels of complexity, which can be up and running with just a few weeks work. The duration of the initial journey is often dependent on access to the customer’s data, channel touch-points, and subject matter experts.

  13. What’s Kitewheel’s pricing/Are there price breaks?

    Kitewheel uses a tiered pricing structure based on the number of customer or prospect profiles, with price breaks for quantity and multi-year commitments. More details are available from your sales contact.

  14. Does KW provide strategy and professional services for implementation and ongoing support?

    Yes, Kitewheel is actually very highly regarded for our market-leading know-how in the journey management arena.  Kitewheel consultants can provide journey strategy, design, test and implementation services to clients, as well as ongoing services support for journey management and optimization.   Kitewheel also has a network of partners who can provide similar supporting services across the globe.

  15. Does Kitewheel persist or host data to operate?

    Kitewheel generates and processes a lot of data as part of the orchestration process, and typically this data is pushed back to persist in our clients data infrastructure. This first party data can be managed directly by Kitewheel as part of our standard offering or we can communicate directly with an operational data store of your choosing.

  16. Who are the primary user groups for this platform?

    Marketing strategists, customer communications and customer service/experience professionals all see the immediate value from Kitewheel in applications that can span the entire customer lifecycle. In many cases, IT teams oversee the use Kitewheel to solve for marketing, cx, or sales operations requests that involve synching many systems together in real-time.   The Kitewheel platform has 4 main types of user:

    1. Business leaders review journey performance metrics and plans
    2. Business strategists plan customer experiences and journeys, defining goals and metrics
    3. Business analysts configure business rules to deliver the planned journeys in real-time
    4. Business technologists manage connections to systems and data within our clients existing infrastructure
  17. Can Kitewheel support global implementations?

    Yes, Kitewheel currently has cloud instances operating in timezones that follow the sun – East and West USA, Japan and Australia, and various European hubs. We offer support on a 24x7x365 basis to our business customers. With our partner network, you can have support in your most comfortable language, and with our dedicated team of service professionals, you can expect top quality support whether you’re in Johannesburg, Tokyo, London, Seattle or anywhere in between.

  18. How are clients supported in the Kitewheel Hub?

    1. Technical Support: Kitewheel offers email and web support as part of the standard support offering. Extended hours and 24×7 support is also available at an extra cost.
    2. Applications Support: Kitewheel has automated monitoring tools that continuously monitor the health of the Kitewheel stack and production components for live projects. This is linked to a real-time alerting and support escalation process.
    3. Training: There are many individual training modules available please see the Kitewheel Training curricula documentation.
  19. Does Kitewheel manage the content also? 

    Typically Kitewheel manages references to content. Each channel typically has its own content management system and so the output of a Kitewheel recommendation is a content identifier understood by that channel. State of the art implementations now use headless content management systems that store all offers/presentations/content and even the rules that defined inclusion and exclusion for this content. In this situation, Kitewheel can interrogate the headless CMS and reason about the correct content for any particular channel.

  20. What is the typical ROI we can expect?

    This question will depend a lot on the actual projects you choose, but will be measured in real-time by the metrics you track and report against your overall business objectives.  In our experience of supporting many different businesses in their journey management, we have delivered results that increase sales between 30% and 200%; that reduce customer attrition by 10-25%; and that improve customer experience from 20-100%.