Get More Value From Your Financial Services Journeys

Learn how other financial services brands have maximized the value of their customer experiences from research, to acquisition, to post purchase and beyond.


Onboard more quickly to keep
customers on track.

  • A customer signs up for a new account online but fails to explore the website
  • An automatic email is sent after 24 hours, congratulating them and offering a tour of features
  • The customer doesn’t open the email
  • Updates to Facebook ad server delivers personalized ads asking the customer to come back onboard
  • The customer follows ad and discovers great features, recognizes the value added to their experience and funds an account


Connect channels for quick personalization on web.

  • A customer comes to website and searches for mutual funds
  • The website records interest and updates ad server, driving personalized ads
  • The customer leaves the website, and sees ads regularly for the brand, personalized for mutual funds
  • The customer returns to the website from an ad, triggering email and suppressing ad campaign
  • With shortened time to purchase, the customer quickly signs up for mutual fund


Help customers plan a complete
financial future.

  • Identify where customers are in their lives with questions and finances data
  • Automatically offer appropriate products across web, email, and ads
  • Internal System updates automatically driven by new information, such as changing purchase intent and life events
  • Recommend appropriate products for customers’ needs
  • Display advertising and targeting with products and services that can can reaffirm the brand value

Kitewheel brings real-time capabilities to the market technology that brands already have in place.

With our customer journey hub, you can harmonize every step of the journey: from tracking behavior and activity over time to delivering the best next content, action, and recommendation across any channel.

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