Provenir (Kitewheel) a 2014 Gartner Cool Vendor

gartner cool vendorProvenir (Kitewheel) is thrilled to be named a Gartner Cool Vendor for 2014 in its new report “Cool Vendors in CRM Marketing Applications for 2014.”

In fact, it seems we have set a record for speed in rising to Cool Vendor status. Having only been in in the CRM space for just this past year, Provenir (Kitewheel) is the youngest vendor ever to be selected as “Cool”. Since the report started in 2007, the prior youngest was 3 years. For years, The average age was closer to 6. We became cool in just one year! Thanks to our great team and the support of our excellent agency partners.

Our inclusion in this report is exciting. This report is still widely regarded by CRM leaders as the watchlist for the next big thing. Prior vendors named include:

  • Siri (now a standard part of the iPhone)
  • LoyaltyLabs (now part of Tibco)
  • BlueKai & Eloqua (now part of Oracle)

This report indicates star vendors and, in many cases, the next big market space.

Why is Kitewheel A Gartner Cool Vendor?

Kimberly Collins, Gartner’s Research Vice President behind the report, has honed in on several key aspects. First, she talks about Provenir (Kitewheel) being one of the first vendors with an offering centered on a real-time customer engagement hub. Gartner also seems to like our key proposition that businesses already have enough marketing systems, enough CRM, campaign management & email, web content management, and call center platforms. Businesses still don’t have a way to make existing systems, data and touchpoints work as one. With the customer at the center, they want move beyond just content and campaigns. Brands want to orchestrate true customer journeys and experiences around them. Our hub provides both connectivity and agile orchestration to let brands make this transformation with their own tools.

Gartner also mentions that we provide this new capability to marketing agencies to deliver the solutions.  This is a key differentiator for Provenir (Kitewheel).  Agencies add the creative layer on top of enabling technology, and bring their services into the mix to manage this new generation of solutions, that need to adapt as the market conditions evolve.   With Provenir (Kitewheel), agencies can finally help their clients to orchestrate and activate the live, real-time customer experiences that they’ve always dreamed of – in a fraction of the time, cost and complexity of prior alternatives – while leaving all their clients systems intact.  Yup, pretty cool.

Provenir (Kitewheel) is changing the game for customer engagement. We are excited to be included in this highly respected shortlist of innovators by Gartner. To read the full Press Release, please click here.