Kitewheel awarded “Visionary” Digital Marketing Hub status by Gartner

gartner magic quadrantThe Gartner Magic Quadrant (MQ) for the marketplace of Digital Marketing Hubs was just released. We are delighted to announce that Kitewheel was promoted to the “Visionaries” quadrant in the new report. For a four year old business, this is a remarkable achievement. Further, the other four “Visionaries” companies in the are all well over 10 years old, some even over 20.

What is the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Hubs?

First, Gartner defines Digital Marketing Hubs as a key new marketing technology designed to deliver personalized digital marketing at scale. Modern marketing, as we might call it. Vendors are rushing into this space from three different directions – marketing automation, advertising and analytics. Unlike most, Kitewheel is not moving into this space from a previous discipline, a powerful place.  Our team custom designed Kitewheel to specifically deliver this vital new marketing capability as our raison d’être.

The Gartner Magic Quadrant evaluation consisted of the following four key capabilities needed to deliver personalized digital marketing, and its a great list of the functionality of our Customer Journey Hub:

  • Creation and management of a master audience profile
  • Workflow and collaboration tools to link different marketing systems
  • Intelligent orchestration – decisioning that coordinates data and content across channels
  • Unified measurement and optimization to allow for constant improvement of results

In addition, Gartner defines the top use cases for these capabilities: “Use unified cross-channel data and analytics to orchestrate and optimize multichannel customer journeys across silos and touch-points.” This is a nearly perfect statement about the core rationale of our platform.

Highlights of Kitewheel’s “Visionary” Status

On the whole, Gartner presented three core strengths of our solution:

  1. Real-time Decisioning – At our core, Kitewheel’s Customer Journey Hub has very sophisticated analytic and decisioning capabilities. This includes predictive analytics that many would these days call AI.
  2. Flexibility – The Hub can easily connect to a very wide range of different marketing systems. Gartner names this a key strength in the rapidly changing MarTech landscape.
  3. Domain Knowledge – As first-movers in the Customer Journey discipline, Kitewheel’s partners and customers highly regard the team’s knowledge base.

Finally, our new “Visionary” status from Gartner comes at an exciting time for Kitewheel. We just finished remarkably successful 2016 when the company more than doubled in revenue. In this exciting and developing market, there is still work to do, capabilities to build and a growing customer base to support. Thanks to our partners for the support and hard work – you are critical in driving and guiding our success. To get the full details on the report or to schedule a demo of our “Visionary” product, please contact our team!

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