Kitewheel Named in Two More Key Analyst Reports

On the heels of being named a leader in customer journey orchestration by Forrester, Kitewheel was recently named in two additional analyst reports – Gartner’s Market Guide for Customer Journey Analytics and Forrester’s Personalization Vendor Landscape. These accolades further validate our role as a leader in the customer journey and omni-channel personalization space.

Gartner’s Market Guide for Customer Journey Analytics

Gartner’s recent Market Guide for Customer Journey Analytics outlines a set of criteria that buyers can use to compare 23 different Customer Analytics vendors. Companies are assessed across three main categories – Data Collection & Analysis (Gathering), Journey Connection (Connecting) and Journey Visualization (Visualizing) – each of which maps to a set of specific capabilities.

Out of 23 vendors analyzed in this Market Guide, Kitewheel was one of only six that provide ALL TEN of the capabilities Gartner tracks for. We’re able to gather, connect and visualize data, enabling powerful, channel-agnostic journeys that will wow your customers and push them down the path to purchase.

We’re very proud for this recognition of our robust analytics capabilities. In a customer journey platform, analytics enables the high degree of personalization that makes journeys so effective – an essential piece of the puzzle that has been a major focus for us since our inception as a company. 

Forrester’s Personalization Vendor Landscape

While we’re on the subject of personalization, Forrester just released their Personalization Vendor Landscape. In the report, Forrester highlights the increasing importance of highly relevant and personalized customer experiences based on a deep understanding of individual customers rather than segments. To aid brands looking for a vendor to deliver this, the report then categorized the many vendors in this space and outlined their respective capabilities in terms of personalization across various channels including content, digital and physical locations.

This year, we’re happy to say that Kitewheel was recognized for having one of the broadest sets of personalization capabilities of the vendors analyzed. Just a few of the channels we can personalize include:

  • Display Ads
  • Email
  • Mobile Apps
  • In-Store Points of Sale
  • Beacons
  • Call Centers
  • Social Media

Kitewheel’s ability to personalize experiences across such a broad array of physical and digital channels ensures the highest likelihood of a cohesive customer experience, a key factor that persuades today’s consumers to buy. It’s one of the things we’re most proud of as a company and, in my opinion, a reason why we’re consistently noted as a leader in the space.

Over the past couple of years, our company has transformed from an upstart to a major player and leader in the customer journey space, right alongside some of the world’s largest and most influential cloud platforms.  We look forward to sharing even more with you over the coming months and would love to connect with your brand about using the Kitewheel Customer Journey Hub