Kitewheel cited in 9 new Gartner reports

gartner reportsGreat news from the analyst world! Over the last few months Kitewheel was cited in nine new Gartner reports, including four in July alone.  We’re pretty thrilled with what we’ve got going on here – and others are as well.  While we’ve been busy working with more new partners and delivering innovative consumer engagement projects, the analysts at Gartner were also keeping tabs on us!

Recent Mentions in Gartner Reports

The full list of Gartner citations so far in 2015 includes the below:

  • How to Recognize CRM Systems of Innovation
  • Key Customer Experience Foundations for Marketing Leaders
  • Market Guide for Digital Personalization Engines
  • Gartner CRM Vendor Guide for 2015
  • Digital Commerce Vendor Guide for 2015
  • Hype Cycle for
    • CRM marketing applications, 2015
    • Digital Commerce
    • Contact Center Infrastructure
    • CRM Customer Service and Customer Engagement

Kitewheel is enabling its agency partners to win a new type of real-time engagement business, while offering their clients, immediate, measurable results. It’s a brave new world, and our innovative real-time Customer Engagement Hub (CEH) is more than a new kind of marketing automation. It is also a new class of application entirely. For the first time, brands can quickly realize their vision for interactive real-time journeys, while leaving their existing systems and data intact. There’s also nothing to rip and replace; and no need to sit on the sidelines any longer. Kitewheel provides a rare chance to leapfrog one’s competition – in just a matter of weeks.

Finally, thank you to all our partners who provided such stellar references! It’s as a direct result of our great partners that we have achieved such incredible recognition across these bellwether Gartner reports.

If you’re not yet a Kitewheel partner, just request a demo. Here’s to a great result in these reports, and to helping our partners continue to change the game for their clients throughout 2015 and beyond!