Product Updates — Summer 2016

Since the May launch of Kitewheel 2016, our new customer journey management platform, Kitewheel released several major product updates. These new product features will allow our partners to deliver seamless real-time solutions to their clients’ everyday problems with Kitewheel. Highlights include a new graph api, R support and co-branding options. This also adds to the customer journey strategy, orchestration, execution and measurement features from our May launch. 

R Language & More Decisioning Options 

Build and use statistical models with R, the most popular open source platform for data science. Build Decision Trees and Columnar Tables to crunch many variables at once. Or, simply build Conditional (“IF”) logic with a point and click interface. 

Redesigned Web Personalization Feature

Deliver real-time decisions and recommendations with every tracked action on a website, including on-page interactions, using a simple and elegant Javascript module. It’s simple, dynamic content, still powered by Kitewheel.

Co-Branding Support

Kitewheel Strategic Partners can “skin” the Kitewheel Platform and easily integrate our tools with their agency brand identity.

Project Versioning

Save, restore and archive different versions of your customer journeys and graphs. Deploy different versions to different environments using project versioning.

Kitewheel Graph API

graph api

Any real-time process in Kitewheel can also turn into a Graph API endpoint with one click. Make Kitewheel the back-end of your app by connecting any system to it.

In addition to platform enhancements, Kitewheel will migrate new users to the Hub for projects including real-time web and email personalization, social listening, opportunity analysis, and real-time data integration. Discover how these features can change the way your team thinks about customer journeys!