How to Use VoC Data To Drive Engaging Pharmaceutical Experiences

Possible side effects of reading this blog include a newfound appreciation for VoC data, a stronger grasp of customer journey concepts, and a desire to build better experiences at your business. If symptoms persist, please contact your customer journey expert, as this may be a sign of a need to change your journey strategy.


telehealth can provide VoC data with patient consentThe journey for healthcare providers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and even health insurance businesses can be complicated by data regulation, challenging emotions, and a high degree of unavoidable risk. These difficulties are exactly the reason that leaders in each of these fields are investing in building better journeys today. Remember that your customer journey is happening at every moment for every person interacting with your business. The data that these customers generate and provide can be used to improve their customer experience and ensure that they are more safely pursuing their goals of better health. To maximize the impact your business has you need to listen to the Voice of Customer data being generated every day across your business. 

The Power of Individual VoC Data

Traditional VoC projects look at Voice of the Customer Data in the aggregate or by persona. While there are sometimes efforts to look at negative feedback and respond to it, in reality, any time a customer gives you data about their thoughts, preferences, or use of your product or service, you should use it to improve their experience. 

using a pill tracking app to provide voice of customer data can be easily integrated into the customer experience

For a pharmaceutical business, this VoC Data can come in many forms. One example might be a pill tracking app provided by your brand. If a customer downloads the pill tracker app and provides consent, then their adherence to the drug regime in question can be listened to and used to inform their health decisions. For example, if a patient is meant to be taking 5mg of a drug every night, but self-reports only taking the drug intermittently, an automated message could prompt them to remind them of the importance of taking the drug in a timely manner. The same app could help them track their self-reported side-effects, providing a useful datapoint for their doctor if they need to change the prescription. By working with data the customer has already consented to provide, your business can discreetly encourage them to get the most of their treatment.

Using VoC Data To Promote Sales  

Another use of Voice of Customer Data could be for amplification and promotion. In some cases, there is only a short window before patent expiration, and maximizing awareness and market share prior to the release of a generic product can be hugely beneficial to your brand’s future success. Even when market share is lost, being the most well-known provider of medication has an impact on your reputation and the willingness of the public to try similar products. So where else does VoC data come into play? On your website. When customers are seeking help for conditions they may have, it can be useful to be that source of information and knowledge. By providing a way for customers to enter their symptoms and previous/current medications anonymously, you can get their permission before advertising to them in the future. This too is VoC data. 

By tailoring your messaging, your brand can act as a helper for a problem they have expressed, rather than only by blanketing the airwaves. As effective as commercials can be, they don’t allow you to capture customer interaction data. Focusing on digital advertising and web enhancements can yield great rewards for your business. 

Pharmaceutical Experiences Benefit From Journey Investments

KW_Maturity Model Mockup_192020To get the most out of their customer journeys, pharmaceutical companies must invest in the ability to make experiences relevant for their customers. When this is done right, using data generated by customers as part of their experience, you can significantly improve the ease with which customers navigate the customer journey. If you’re interested in how you can advance in customer journey maturity, be sure to check out our Maturity Model. The document walks you through the process of managing the customer journey at your business and advancing up the maturity pyramid.