Improve Customer Service By Building New Efficiencies

The customer experience takes place everywhere. In store and online - can you afford poor quality customer service?Recent events have shown the importance of omnichannel approaches to customer service. With call centers closing or shifting to remote, it’s crucial to evaluate how you can maintain high-quality service during this difficult time. Even under normal circumstances, brands lose over 62 Billion dollars of revenue each year due to bad customer service. What’s troubling is that some businesses are represented in both of those figures.  This means they are paying high costs for sub-par customer experiences.

Unfortunately, we know poor experiences are out there. Nearly half of customers say they only have good experiences with 3-4 brands. For any brand, great experience does cost money – but it is well worth the expense. Luckily, there are two ways that you can help your customer service investments pay for themselves. These two value drivers for great customer service are loyalty and engagement. 

Build Loyalty by Implementing Customer Service Efficiencies

Getting help from the back of house customer service team can improve cx

Customers do adjust their buying behavior and loyalty based on your businesses’ customer service work. To build loyalty start by being fully integrated with the rest of the business. This means more than just your marketing channels. In fact, while customers rated ‘Real-time product or order tracking’ in their top five concerns, businesses did not recognize that this was a high customer priority. Especially when normal ways of doing business are no longer possible – this connectivity is crucial for customer service teams.

When a customer sees your business, they don’t see the data silos or the breakdowns as certain teams go remote. Customer service remains the interface between the customer and the rest of the business. So how can you improve customer service? You have to bake in the efficiencies that you find by connecting systems. One way to do this might be a screen that links customer phone numbers to an ordered item’s location – so your reps know exactly where it is. Customers say that customer experiences which meet their needs and help them enjoy participating are the ones that most drive loyalty. Implementing customer service efficiencies helps you meet customer needs. 

Drive Engagement and Retention With Customer Service Improvements

Trying on Clothes with help can be a great customer service experience and can help close the saleCustomers today expect more than a purely transactional customer relationship. To get the most value out of your customer service efforts, consider how you can actively engage customers across time. This could mean investing in an app that lets customers remotely try on clothes when they cannot visit the store. In banking, this could mean taking a comprehensive view of all customer accounts when charging fees. For the consumer, few things are more frustrating than being charged a late fee and an overdrawn checking fee especially for trying to pay off their credit card at the same institution. During difficult economic times in particular, being adaptive to customer needs can have a tremendous impact on loyalty.  Use these opportunities to make the relationship a conversation and shows immediate value to the customer. 

The Customer Journey Approach to Improve Customer Service 

Fundamentals GuideCustomer service needs are always changing, especially when in-person or call-center interactions are rarer or more difficult. With the growth of real-time and omnichannel technology, your customer service ecosystem needs to adapt. Customer service improvements can only add the most possible value when you take the context of each customer into account. This is no easy feat. If you’re interested in learning how you can advance the practice of customer journeys at your business, start by reading our guide to the fundamentals of journey management. It’s chock full of use cases and strategic details to help you get started with customer journeys.