Intelligent Acquisition

Intelligent Acquisition and Lead Management

Get the attention of new customers and keep them happy

Work smarter, not harder

The acquisition journey starts from the first touchpoint a customer has with your brand. Intelligent acquisition is using all of the information that you have on prospective customers, across time and channel, to influence their experience for the better and drive buying behaviors. The Kitewheel Hub supports business leaders in this goal by syncing channels, making the best next action decisions, analyzing customer behavior, and more.


For a more detailed look at how to implement this customer journey use case, check out our Guide to Intelligent Acquisition and Lead Management or read more below.

Intelligent Acquisition and Lead Management

How Kitewheel Can Help


Improve Digital Attribution

Sync paid media and email so you always know the true lead source and flow 


Kitewheel’s ID Manager

Leverage anonymous and non-anonymous data to build a more complete profile of every customer


Effective Cross-Channel Coordination

Use Kitewheel’s out-of-the-box connectors and adaptors to connect every channel as part of a cohesive journey


Geolocation Targeting

Add another layer of specificity to customer outreach with geographically relevant information


Contextually Relevant Experiences

Use decisioning to power contextually relevant advertising and web interactions, not just segmentation 


Behaviorally Relevant CTAs

Deliver dynamically generated and targeted calls to action that match how your customers prefer to engage

Get Started Quickly With Journey as a Service

Want to start orchestrating an intelligent acquisition journey?

Check out Kitewheel’s new Journey as a Service offering, designed to bring our years of journey management expertise to your business. Our pre-designed, cross-channel journeys allow for businesses to get up and running quickly. 

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How Kitewheel Helps Brands Build Out Intelligent Acquisition and Lead Management

Integrating with a CRM tool allows businesses to feed other channel leads into existing management processes – without buying new database software. Learn how Kitewheel helped a European automotive business double their test drives in less than 2 months with more intelligent lead management processes.

Leverage your marketing automation, CRM and channel behavior data to drive highly personalized ads that intelligently leverage real-time DMP audiences. Learn how Kitewheel helped a financial services firm improve their paid media performance by managing their leads across channels.

Fundamentals Guide

Ready to Learn the Fundamentals of Journey Management?

Download this guide outlining the top journey management use cases.