How JaaS Makes Getting Started Easy

You may have heard that Kitewheel recently launched Journey as a Service (JaaS). JaaS is a modular offering for our industry-leading customer journey management hub, designed to make it easy to start journey management. How do we do this?

JaaS makes getting started easy in three key ways. First, the customer journey experts of Kitewheel’s services team guide you through every step of the process. Second, JaaS lets you skip the “fail fast” step of getting journeys right, using journeys with proven ROI. Third, JaaS simplifies complex pricing into transparent tiers that fit departmental budgets.

Starting Customer Journeys With A Managed Service

We help you get started with journey management with Journey as a Service, a managed service for customer journeys.One of the biggest challenges for brands looking to start customer journeys is low bandwidth. Often, brands know they want to improve their customer experience, but don’t have the journey expertise to bring it to life. JaaS solves this challenge by acting as a managed services solution for your journey needs. You don’t have to worry about the details of running your project. Our services team is skilled at bringing journeys to life. They will maintain, update, and optimize the journeys you select. This reduces bottlenecks when onboarding and improves operational efficiencies. Ultimately, this helps you get positive journey results faster.

When you start one or more journeys with JaaS, our team will help you identify your use cases, adapt a pre-built journey (or design a new one if need be), and get it up and running. From there we help you scale.

Get Started With A Customer Journey That Works

Kitewheel helps your journeys take flight with our proven library of journeysIt can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to creating a customer journey that works for your company. One of the lengthiest parts of traditional journey planning is choosing which journey to orchestrate. JaaS from Kitewheel makes it simple, offering a selection of pre-packaged journeys. That doesn’t mean you’re limited to just one. When you’re starting with JaaS, you can choose any number of journeys depending on the pricing tier you select.

Instead of trying a journey and then “failing fast” before improving, we take the guesswork out of your customer journey. JaaS lowers the stress of getting started with our library of proven journeys.

Lower Barriers To Entry: Get Journeys Started Fast

Start fast with journey as a serviceOften, there is a temptation to “boil the ocean” when it comes to journey management. The challenge is that getting your entire organization on board with a journey management approach isn’t as easy as starting a project within one department. JaaS makes this possible, with transparent, easy-to-understand tiered pricing that lowers the barrier to getting started. The Essentials tier offers the power of journey orchestration at a price that can provide value for a single team rather than requiring the entire organization.

Traditional journey management approaches, priced at the enterprise-scale are quite effective but require significant spending. Often the price enters the multi-million dollar range. While Kitewheel runs many such journeys with great results and unquestionable ROI for our enterprise clients, JaaS makes it easier to prove value within your team before growing to be enterprise-wide.

JaaS Makes Getting Started Easy

Companies delivering a great customer experience have an advantage. JaaS makes it easy for anyone to get started with journey management. With an affordable, pre-built journey, managed by our professional services team, you can be ready to run a customer journey in under three weeks, instead of in a matter of months.

If you want to learn more, but aren’t ready for JaaS, check out our checklist to getting started with journey management. It’s a simplified guide to help you take the steps you need to bring journeys to your business. For a deeper look, check out our guide to the Fundamentals of Journey Management, another great source to help you get started with customer journeys.