Journey as a Service: Redefining Customer Journeys

Start with a plan - this man is making plans in a notebook for a journeyEvery journey starts somewhere. Where do customers start their journey with your business and do you need to orchestrate every part of your business to see success? Thankfully the answer is no. Kitewheel has learned from our work with the world’s largest brands that the right approach is to start small and then scale-up. While some brands have been able to start with projects that span the entire business, often starting smaller leads to quicker results and makes scaling up far easier. This is why we are launching our Journey as a Service offering.

So where do you start with customer journeys? Often the answer lies in starting with a single journey that addresses a key use case

Defining Journey as a Service (JaaS)

journeys as a service are pre-built programs pre-packaged with care. Any journey can be built custom as well.Customer Journeys are the sum of your customers’ experiences with your brand. They are driven by each customer, who takes their own path through the relationship with your company, but while these paths are unique, they are not infinite. Just as a subway map has numerous possible routes and connections, so too there are many paths through your business.

What a Journey as a Service offering provides is a pre-built package that you can deploy to help customers traverse one part of their overall experience with your brand. This might be a pre-packed onboarding journey, that lets you get started with the basics of a great onboarding experience. Rather than being the final goal, Journey as a Service is a starting point for future journey orchestration.

Start With One Customer Journey

Mountain summit metaphor for customer journey successWhat can you do with a single journey? The first thing to know is that a single journey is not a campaign, which has a single starting point, moves customers through a pre-determined sequence of interactions, and then ends. Instead, a journey approach requires that you listen in as many places as possible and change the experience based on customer behavior. How can a single journey do this? It comes down to the power of journey orchestration.

By connecting your channels, you can get a complete view of how customers are interacting across your business. If they interact with social, this may well impact the message you need to deliver on the email channel or vice-versa. But this listening isn’t enough. Journey orchestration allows you to take those interactions, make decisions with the data generated, and return a recommendation automatically for the next best experience. The other advantage of starting with one journey is that it lays the groundwork for other journeys in the future. Instead of starting from scratch, you can identify the next best journeys to build out from your original project.

An Example Journey: Socially Driven Content Selection

It can be difficult to imagine what an individual journey looks like when built within Kitewheel’s Journey as a Service platform. The scale can vary, but one example is a socially driven content selection journey like that shown in the map below.

A journey map of a single customer journey, offered as a template within Kitewheels Journeys as a Service Jaas Offering

The 5 stages of the journey are not sequential, but rather all ready to receive customers at any time. By always listening – in this case, to the website, Facebook Ads, and any updates in the digital marketing platform – your brand can understand and synchronize customer activities. As customers progress through activity, you will be able to make decisions and update customer experiences. Finally, when the journey is no longer applicable to the customer, they can then be moved to the next best experience.

The journey above also demonstrates the concept of putting a customer into the next journey that is right for them. Thinking about these next possible journeys is a great way to map out the future of your journey strategy.

What Results Can You Expect From A JaaS Solution?

take flight with journeys as a service. The image is of a man looking up at a tall skyscraper. The heights of financial and business successWhile results do vary, Kitewheel’s clients have seen tremendous success across many projects. These include:

  • Earning up to 10x ROI from intelligent nurture and upsell journeys
  • Driving 10x more paid media engagement with a digital cross-channel journey
  • Increasing sales activities by 10% through online and offline offer optimization
  • Decreasing stall rates by up to 80% by identifying the top 10 experience issues
  • Increasing NPS by over 10 points with automated service recommendations

By starting small, you can demonstrate value within a specific journey. This allows you to know which projects will be worthwhile before committing to a massive overhaul of your entire business.

Get Started With Journey as a Service

One of the most powerful features of customer journeys is that they scale. By building from a small number of pre-built or custom journeys, you can avoid bottlenecks in bandwidth and resources, and quickly get started on journey management.

Journey as a Service is here to stay. For more info on JaaS, check out this page, or our press release. If you want to learn more about getting started with journeys in general, Kitewheel President Mark Smith explains the best first steps in our webinar: How To Get Started In Journey Management: Provide An Exceptional Customer Experience.