Journey as a Service

After 8 years of building journeys for some of the world’s largest brands, Kitewheel now presents Journey as a Service, designed to bring our years of journey management expertise to your business.

What is Journey as a Service?

For too long, only the largest enterprises have been able to handle the complexity of customer journey management. These organizations are breaking ground, as they’ve built innovative journeys that drive customer success. But, what about everyone else?

All organizations can now benefit from high-end customer journey capabilities, no matter their budget or customer count. This is why we’ve created a new customer journey solution that packages up what has been proven to work for large enterprises. To get started, simply select your first journey from our library.

 Drive Exceptional Results Starting With Even A Single Customer Journey

Improve customer satisfaction, purchase behavior, and retention, reduce operational costs and marketing spend, and prove ROI across the entire customer lifecycle.

Intelligent Acquisition and Lead Management: Earn up to 10x ROI from intelligent nurture and upsell activity.

Drive Engagement and Retention: Drive 10x more paid media engagement with a cross-channel journey connected to your website.

Maximize Sales Through Personalization: Improve sales activity by 10% through online and offline offer optimization.

Explore Your Customer Journey: Identify your top 10 issues to decrease overall stall rates by up to 80%.

Implement Customer Service Efficiencies: Increase your NPS score by 10 points with intelligently automated customer recommendations.

Grow From One Journey To Many

Whichever customer journey use case you choose to start with, journeys can scale to drive further success. Building from a single journey allows you to avoid internal resource bottlenecks, prove value at every step, and seamlessly move customers and clients from journey to journey as you expand.

With Kitewheel, you can smoothly scale from a single journey to build an atlas of customer journeys across the entire enterprise.

Which Journey Package Should You Start With?

Our pre-designed, cross-channel journeys allow for businesses to easily get up and running. 

If you’re not sure what type of journey you’d like to start with, check out our journey library to see examples of starter use cases that have proven to drive powerful results.

How To Get Started With Journey Management

Not sure how to get started with journey management? Download our checklist to learn what elements are needed for a successful journey management program.

Ready to Start Flexing Your Existing Stack as One Integrated Customer Interaction System?

Schedule a live demonstration with content personalized to the journey needs at your business.