Kitewheel’s Journey Library

We have curated a library of pre-built, high-impact journeys as a set of starting points for your journey management program. The full library of pre-built journeys and information on custom projects is available by request from our sales team if you do not see your desired journey in the highlighted packages below.

Engagement Journeys


Engagement Journeys

Meet customers where they are and make their experience with your business proactive with an engagement journey. These projects start with meeting customers on the channel of their choice and using what you know to keep them coming back.

Our engagement journey templates include:

  • Real-time Audience Updates
  • Anonymous-to-Known Profiling
  • Social Lead Management
  • First-visit Content Delivery
  • Journey Personalization

Purchase Journeys

Purchase Journeys

Customers will spend more money for personalized experiences, but getting this personalization right is no easy task. That’s where purchase journeys come in, suggesting the right items for your customers, helping to make the sales process easy, and keeping customers on track through their purchase and beyond.

Our purchase journey templates include:

  • Omni-channel Offer Delivery
  • Path-to-Purchase Tracking
  • Cross-channel Abandoned Cart
  • Web and Email Symbiosis
  • Online-Offline Offer Optimization

Experience Journeys


Experience Journeys

For customer journeys, experience is king. Whether you’re resolving customer issues, helping them get the best use out of a product they already own, or getting all of the “small stuff” right, making customer experience the differentiator is a winning move.

Our experience journey templates include:

  • Real-time Best Next Experience
  • VOC Feedback Journey
  • Customer-led Onboarding
  • Customer Retention Offers
  • Support Channel Diversion

Custom Journeys

Build Your Own Journey

Interested in a journey that isn’t on this page?

These templates provide an easy way to get started fast, but the power and flexibility of Kitewheel means that we can make any journey come to life. If you don’t see the journey type or template you need above, our services team can help you design a custom journey from scratch or by modifying an existing template.

Fundamentals Guide

What Does It Take To Get Started?

Download our guide to the Fundamentals of Journey Management to learn the first steps to getting your customer journey off the ground.