Journey Management

Focusing the business on enhancing the holistic customer experience instead of siloed channel improvements

What is Journey Management?

“The practices of journey mapping, journey visioning, and journey orchestration, to improve customer experiences and business results across all phases of the customer life cycle.”

– Forrester Definition of Journey Management

Monitor Journey Orchestration

Kitewheel Drives the Theoretical into an Actionable Strategy:

The Kitewheel Customer Journey Hub

The Kitewheel Hub connects to every tool in your marketing, CX and sales stacks, listening to customer behavior across every channel and delivering personalized messages via marketing automation, CRM, CMS, and programmatic ad tools all at the proper cadence. The result is a truly seamless experience for your customers.
KW Hub


Align Stakeholder Objectives With Kitewheel’s Journey Mapping Software

Use journey mapping to make journey maps actionable at scale.


Many CX pros struggle to get value out of the journey maps they’ve created. Journey mapping tools aim to help, by digitizing journey maps to let companies share and collaborate on them (even remotely) and evolve them over time. By utilizing AI machine learning and rules-based decisioning, we’re able to automate the process and deliver improved CX in real-time.


Discover And Understand Your Data With Kitewheel’s Journey Analytics Software

Use journey analytics to take a data-driven approach to understanding key journeys.


CX pros can do a better job of accurately depicting journeys that matter. How? By joining together data across channels and touchpoints to assess current-state journeys and test and monitor the impact of journey-based improvements on future journeys and KPIs. Journey visioning platforms are designed to make this possible.


Make Real-Time Decisions With Kitewheel’s Journey Orchestration Software

Use journey orchestration to automate and scale by executing journeys in real time.


More advanced businesses seek to use real-time data at the individual customer level to predict future behavior and adjust the customer journey in the moment, which can lead to increased customer lifetime value, operational efficiency, and business results. This is what customer journey orchestration software platforms are intended to achieve.

Why Journey Management Is Valuable To You:



Automating real actions for customers, not simply creating data/segments


Real-Time Analytics

Orchestration fails if real-time data is not available, businesses fail if slow to react to change


The “Outside In” Journey for the entire customer lifecycle

CX, Marketing, Sales and Service, always listening, channel independent actions


Real-time Decisioning using logic, rules, predictive models and AI/ML

Centralized brain for data-driven journeys, Next Best Experience, embrace decision science


Scale and Performance

The best just got way better – 20x performance improvement in last year, Enterprise power


Data Integration & Management

Connect your existing tech stack with an agnostic API library of over 100+ connectors

Customer Results That Speak For Themselves

What Does It Take To Get Started?

Download our guide to the Fundamentals of Journey Management to learn the first steps to getting your customer journey program off the ground.