Journey Measurement + Optimization

Leverage Artificial Intelligence For An Optimized Customer Experience

The technology that takes your customer journey to the next level is fueled by data intelligence. So how can you take the next step in predicting trends or the future of what matters to your customers? By leveraging AI throughout the customer journey, you’ll be able to better measure what’s working, what’s not, and make adjustments for future successful customer campaigns.

Optimize the Journey in Real Time

Use our adaptive machine learning technology to execute different outcomes in real time. Kitewheel can automatically reroute traffic to the most successful outcome for the customer, creating a frictionless path for a highly-satisfying customer experience.


Predictive Analytics to Power Next Best Action

Integrate existing predictive models into the journey to intelligently guide customers on their journeys, optimizing their paths to conversion and the overall customer experience.


Take your customers to the next level by creating and implementing custom models from leading machine learning providers. Kitewheel updates and runs the models in real time ensuring customers travel down their ideal path.

Track Journey Performance in Real Time

Measure the ROI of your journeys in real time and integrate your journey results into your existing reporting flow. Our Metrics dashboard enables journey monitoring and reporting needs with easy-to-understand visualizations.


What does Artificial Intelligence mean for Kitewheel’s
Customer Orchestration Platform?

We’ve learned a ton since we deployed our own customer journey orchestration on and would love to share the findings with you!

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