Journey Orchestration + Automation:

Turn strategy into action with a real-time decision engine and unify journey logic across your business.

Omni-Channel Data and System Integration

Powerful connections can make the difference in enabling a great customer experience. The ability to connect to all your existing systems and access all your existing data into one path is paramount for understanding the fail points and areas of success within your automated journey. Drive engagement across channels leveraging your existing or planned technology stack.


Personalization Through Rules-Based Decisioning

The ability to execute business logic based on existing data to personalize the experience, and then execute a seamless transition regardless of the channel, takes your personalization out of one department and applies it across the entire customer journey. Move beyond segments and campaigns and drive relevant contextual customer experiences.

Our Real Time Engine Enables Next Best Experience

A powerful processing engine that can do all of the above in real time at scale. Move beyond segments and campaigns and drive relevant and contextual customer experiences. With functions that can happen in milliseconds, Kitewheel ensures interactions are delivered at the right content, at the right cadence through the right channel.


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