Product Updates – Spring 2017

The latest release of the Kitewheel Hub includes some of the most requested additions and upgrades to date. By increasing our performance and journey strategy capabilities, it’s easier to design, build, deploy, and measure customer journeys in the Hub.

journey strategyJourney Strategy and Analytics

To start, we’ve upgraded the Journey Editor for better customer journey sharing and measuring. Now, you can visualize metrics overlaid on the customer journey map and easily correlate your KPIs with steps along the journey. Further, you can now drill in to these metrics over time at 1-minute, 5-minute, up to 1-day levels. In addition, easily export your journey maps as PDF or PNG files with custom branding. This allows fast embedding in other documents or sharing with stakeholders.

Powerful Scripting Upgrades

First, to upgrade and standardize our scripting capabilities, we’re running the faster Node.js 6, which supports several modern JavaScript languages. We’ve also pre-packaged libraries for commonly used functions like date and time manipulation, user agent parsing and device detection and ID generation.

Performance Improvements

Finally, we’ve made drastic performance improvements across the board, including:

  • Drastically reduced transaction times and increased throughput on databases and queues, our most commonly used integrations. As a result, transaction times are now on average 3-5X, including API and web tracking graphs.
  • Intelligent use of caching and compression to reduce user interface load times and increased UI responsiveness overall.
  • Changes to API HTTP headers and server-side configuration. Because of this, number of requests are reduced and page loads and CX are faster.

What’s Next?

Thanks to the feedback of our great partners, we’ve got great stuff on our roadmap for this summer. Got questions? We’ve got answers! Contact us at any time.