Journeys Made Easy:

How All Enterprises Can Achieve Powerful Journey Results

Strategy Best Practices Webinar – On-Demand

For years, the largest enterprises have been orchestrating their own customer journeys to improve Customer Experiences. Forrester has found that in some industries, as little as one point improvement in CX Index™ scores can result in tens of millions of dollars in incremental revenue. In the new level playing field of digital business, where customer experience is the key competitive differentiator, every business needs to manage and deliver customer journeys, no matter their revenue or customer count.

In this latest Kitewheel webinar featuring Forrester, Mark Smith, President of Kitewheel, presents with our guest speaker from Forrester, VP, Principal Analyst Joana de Quintanilha. Together they discuss the steps that every organization can take to easily get up and running with their first customer journey, including typical starter use cases that have proven to drive powerful business value.

In this webinar, Mark and Joana share:

● Why and how every brand can get started with customer journeys
● Best practices from high ROI journey management projects
● Tools now available to make customer journeys easy to deploy
● How to scale up journeys from crawl to fly
● Examples of industry-specific quick-win customer journeys

Watch the Webinar:

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