Introducing Kai: The Face
of Kitewheel Personalization

Here to help personally guide you through your own customer journey with Kitewheel, Kai appears when our Hub detects that you have reached a point in your journey where we can help guide you to the next most relevant content.

Bringing Kitewheel to Life

For almost six years, clients across a variety of B2C industries have used our Customer Journey Hub to deliver omni-channel, personalized, real-time journeys that enhance their customers’ experiences. But, now there’s a B2B brand also utilizing the power of the Kitewheel Hub – us!



How Does Kai Work?

Kai is always learning what works best for our visitors. If you see him appear on a page you are viewing, take a moment to see where he recommends you go next.

Just as we work behind the scenes for our clients, Kai works behind the scenes for us; taking meticulous notes as you visit our website, attend our webinars, read our emails, view our ads and follow us on social media. He notes how you interact with us so we can better interact with you.

Kai might be the new face of Journey Orchestration at Kitewheel, but we’ve been successfully running journeys for our clients for almost six years!

We are confident in our ability to help you out too.


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