Kitewheel and Artificial Intelligence

Learn how to use artificial intelligence techniques for customer journey orchestration.

Artificial Intelligence: Powering Real-Time Experiences

A great customer journey needs to be orchestrated with intelligence. By building artificial intelligence into your decisioning, you can create more impactful experiences for your customers. AI capabilities have long been touted as the future of journey success, which is why we built this white paper for technology, marketing, and business leaders to understand the implications for journey management.

In the our whitepaper on Artificial Intelligence you will receive:

  • A deep look at how AI powered decisioning can help optimize journey orchestration
  • Insights into the role of different capabilities in a journey program
  • The core value that comes from AI for better customer journeys.

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“In today’s environment of polluted communications, it’s imperative that we deliver only relevant messages. Kitewheel is a critical component to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time via the right channel,” said Steven Shapiro, VP Digital and Buyer’s Journey at Informatica. “We were looking for the right partner to play the quarterback role in our Tech Stack. Kitewheel’s expertise and technology enables us to deliver effective journeys for our prospects and customers. With their help, we’re already seeing ~ 30% deal size and win rate lift.”

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