The Latest in Kitewheel’s Analytics Capabilities

Introducing Journey Discovery

Today we’re excited to discuss a few recent additions to our leading analytics solution! Journey Analytics has continued to be a major driver of journey success and we’re proud to be leaders.
Kitewheel has been building this latest technology capability into our platform for 
months, but we’re finally ready to share it with the world. We have recently introduced a new way to get real-time insight into customer behavior to guide your journey strategy: Journey Discovery.

Why Journey Discovery?

As a leader in customer journey orchestration and journey analytics, we talk to brands of all sizes and maturity levels about their journey strategies and customer experience pain points. While they’re all excited about the prospect of improving their CX with customer journeys, we’ve noticed two frequent hesitations:

  1. They’re not sure where to start out with customer journey orchestration
  2. They don’t have a cross-channel view of customer behavior

What’s the common denominator? Data. More specifically, omni-channel data analytics. While most brands have absolutely no shortage of data, they lack a tool that can ingest it from a wide variety of sources and paint a picture of how individual customers are moving across disparate touch points.

That’s where Kitewheel comes in. The new Journey Discovery capabilities offer a unique approach, truly the only way to get real-time visibility into aggregate flows of customers and the ability to drill down to the individual level, allowing for both the discovery of key journeys and subsequent journey analytics. It provides a critical baseline of insight into customer behavior that serves as a jumping off point for a successful customer journey orchestration and for future analytics.

With a detailed understanding of customer journeys as they exist right now, brands can begin to shape and influence them to improve the customer experience.

Our Journey Discovery capabilities offer users the following:

Get detailed behavior-based customer insights

  • Quickly visualize channels and key customer engagements
  • Discover the key steps customers take in a journey
  • Identify customer overlap between types of engagements


See where customers are engaging

  • Flow-based visualization to gain insight into where customers are starting and engaging most
  • See step-level data to quantify customer drop-offs
  • Define “journey steps” to pinpoint critical interactions
  • Explore all traffic through a step to analyze the preceding and following actions


Analyze customer steps at the individual level

  • Drill down into why a process is not working
  • Observe how a customer moves between various journeys
  • Analyze cross-channel behavior at the row level

Journeys Are Evolving

As customer journeys transition from a marketing tool to a core foundation of the entire customer experience, our goal is to arm brands with the data and visibility they need to build an effective strategy that maximizes the potential of CX. The process of Journey Discovery should be the first step for any brand interest in customer journeys but unsure where to begin.

Interested in learning more about Kitewheel’s new Journey Discovery toolkit? Click here to read more, or here to connect with us for a demo.

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