Mastering Proactive CX

Use customer journeys to create competitive customer experiences and drive interest, sales and loyalty.

Developing the First Ever Customer Journey Maturity Model

Based on 5+ years of being at the leading edge of the customer journey orchestration market, Kiteweel now teaches you the best practices for applying customer journey processes, skills, technology and metrics to transform brands from reactive, crisis-driven problem-solvers into proactive CX management practitioners.


A Proactive Guide to Successful CX

Customer experience used to be for customer service professionals only— mostly reactive, crisis-based, or campaign-dirven. No more.

Phase One Business Are

Getting Started

You have only recently recognized CX as a business priority with customer journeys being the best way to achieve it.


Phase Two Business Are

Piloting Journeys

You have initial, high-priority use cases in place that are actively being used to test journeys. You are also archiving a buy-in from the broader organization.

Phase Three Business Are

Rolling Out

You are actively collecting data on customer journeys across multiple areas of the business — driving real business outcomes.


Phase Four Business Are

Scaling Up

The ultimate level of maturity — you are actively expanding customer journeys up and outwards across the organization.


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