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When Does the Guest Experience Begin? Sooner Than You Think

Originally published on Hospitality Technology  Interview with Mark Smith, By Michal Christine Escobar, Senior Editor (Hotels).  Much has been written about prioritizing and personalizing the customer experience during their on-property stay. However, some hoteliers still fail...


Death of a (Traveling) Salesman

Originally published on Forbes Tech Council 13 January 2021.  In January 2020, I was in one or more different cities nearly every week, traveling to support my sales team working with enterprise-scale businesses. As the...


Build a Framework for Journey Measurement

Originally Published in Martech Series Written by Mark Smith …. Most companies now know that customer experience is the main driver of business performance, so modern brands are putting their customers at the heart of everything they...


Make White-Glove Customer Experiences the Norm

Originally Published in CMSWire Written by Mark Smith …. At one end of the spectrum is service, and at the other, familiarity. Picture these two different experiences: In the first one, you walk into a...


Journey Discovery: Why Description Trumps Prescription

Originally Published in Forbes Written by Mark Smith …. There isn’t much disagreement when it comes to the importance of mapping customer journeys. With more than four-fifths of companies reporting that they have undertaken some sort of...


Customer Journey Management in an Era of Data Paranoia

Originally Published in Customer Think  Written by Mark Smith …. Customers today expect personalization. In fact, it is a major driver of loyalty. According to Accenture, over 90% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands...