Can VoC Data Easily Integrate With Customer Data Platforms?

Originally Published in CMSWire
Type: Interview with Mark Smith

The trick is getting VoC data to CDPs, much like other martech systems do. Mark Smith, CEO of Kitewheel, a provider of personalized journey management for marketing and advertising technology, said the reality today is CDPs and VoC programs rarely work together. “VoC programs tend to focus on a sample of customers, usually based on surveying the most active or loyal — the most valuable — among the entire base,” he added.

The new CDP promise lies in boosting every customer’s lifetime value by offering contextual recognition at the customer’s next interaction. The traditional VoC approach does not allow for or factor in such personalized interaction approach, according to Smith. VoC data rarely lines up with individual customer journeys or interactions, so it doesn’t get stored in the CDP. The data can be so sparse it renders itself irrelevant, Smith added. “Conceptually CDPs and VoC data should come together,” Smith said. “Ideally every customer’s voice: their desires, intents and plans, is known by every line of business so the data can be used to drive the right interactions with customers at all times across all channels.”

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