Going Beyond Campaigns: Enabling Real-Time Interaction Management

Originally Published in MarTech Series

Written by Mark Smith


As consumers, our expectations for brands grow by the month, the day, the hour. Every time we’re wowed by interaction, the bar we have for experience ticks up a notch, whether we notice it or not.

With mega-brands like AmazonApple, and Uber redefining convenience over the last several years, as well as new-on-the-scene disruptors, brand marketers at many organizations are struggling to keep up. Not everyone has the level of resources, either from a people or technology perspective, as the CX leaders, but all brands are held to the same standard in the eyes of the customer.

Especially now, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, customer expectations are changing fast. Consumers are struggling with an entirely new set of challenges, and your ability or inability to help in key moments matters. The last thing you want to do is make things more difficult for your customers during a key interaction, but it’s a mistake we see all too often.

Customers seek out brands to solve a problem they have. Instead of making the process as convenient as possible, too many brands end up making the process less so, leaving customers with questions about how to navigate a website, which channel to use to connect with the brand, and even what a product can actually do for them.


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